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What's old is new again.

What's old is new again.

I've been thinking of putting out model sheets for the Daria characters. I've just posted the two main ones (see http://s-c.deviantart.com/art/Daria-model-sheet-199504446 and http://s-c.deviantart.com/art/Jane-model-sheet-199504716 ). Now I'll let you guys and gals pick who I should do next. You can vote in the poll I just made on my page.

Who's model sheet should I post next?

  |  271 votes
  • Brittany
  • Helen
  • Jake
  • Kevin
  • Quinn
  • Sandi
  • Tiffany
  • Tom
  • Trent

You should have never trusted Hollywood

You should have never trusted Hollywood

The official Daria DVDs are out! Are you guys and gals excited? Have you ordered or planning on ordering your copy? Any self respecting Daria fan should! Get'em here - http://www.dariaondvd.com or at Amazon or wherever you can buy legit DVDs. I got my copy two weeks ago through that t-shirt special... although I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be, years ago. In fact, the disks sat on my desk, unwrapped for about a week, until I needed to get some high quality reference screenshots. The last time I remember being excited about Daria was in December, last year, when I was invited to MTV headquarters at Times Square in regards to their

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19simonsHobbyist Artist
hey, do  you take requests for daria artwork?
I don't want to scare you but I want to warn you that there could be a reboot of daria and the reboot is a femnazi.
maximum alert mode

We'll see how things go but, personally, I'd prefer that the writing & animation teams involved buck the 'reboot'/'remake' trend and make a more original series. ^^;

MTV struck more than gold during the 90s with shows like Daria, Downtown and The Head. If this new MTV Studio isn't planning to follow Daria (among other characters) during her college years, I'd prefer that they use what they learn from the aforementioned (UNCUT) episodes as a cornerstone to a better (read: weirder) show.

*Anything* is possible in the world(s) of anime-tion. A show about

- amateur superheroes (ie a shapeshifting goth girl, a dominatrix with zipper-based powers, etc)
- a youkai rock band
- a college student and her (shameless) female genie
- sentient techno-organic/robot women learning about human behaviour (via strip clubs, etc)
- all of the above

could do more than upstage classic cartoons like Duck Amuck and the Teen Titans episode, Fractured - it could raise the bar on what the team(s) and medium are capable of.

Here's hoping that MTV will consider these other possibilities. :aww:

Until then, let's judge the final product on its own merits, once/if it arrives.
your daria looks better than chuck foulds daria.
JimmyTwoTimes2K9Student Traditional Artist
Hi there, Love your Daria stuff. Here's a quick request:

Can you draw a Jane Lane head shaped foil balloon made by Anagram and a Daria Morgendorffer head shaped foil balloon made by Anagram? Thanks. Here are the drawings I did to show you:



lalaLAlala Daria was a window into the United States. I Loved it.
breitasparrowHobbyist General Artist
Miss you so much, buddy. I won't beg you to come back since that's totally your choice, but I hope you're doing really well and have an awesome career.   :hug: