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God of Evanescence: Before the beginning of Time

By S-A--K-I
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Original Character by :iconsanguisgelidus: =sanguisGelidus

Well, here's my tribute to the super awesome Jonas, the guy, who despite being three years younger to me, has left me standing with heads bowed down and palms folded...bless me Man..!!!!!! :aww:

I have loved His 'God of Evanescence' artwork since the day I saw it here on dA, the day I joined and it has been almost 5 months. Thank you for allowing me to draw this for you. It has been a wonderful, wonderful experience...:) I didn't really expect I'd do this, let alone finish it, 'cause I was so in awe with your work. Hope you like mine. :aww:

This artwork depicts the God of Evanescence when He was a cub, and before the beginning of time, before He attained the position as a God. So, the watch is missing, which will be later bestowed upon Him by the God of Time at the beginning of Time.

Medium- Photoshop CS6 + Wacom BAMBOO ONE tablet
Time- 12 hours
Reference image source- Wikipedia

The working process can be seen here...

I hope no one gets offended by this little addition to Jonas's story... :aww:

Thank you for viewing. Favorites and comments are much appreciated.
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asjdjczchd this is so amazing!! OMG I love it so much! :heart: :heart: Thank youuu reaally really much my friend! Wooow just woow! haha :D And I absolutely lve the addition you made to the story! It seems like the story seems to get more and more detailled, like it would actually have existed some time! Thats so cool! :heart:
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:dance: Thank you...now that 'YOU've liked this...I can be happy... :iconrainbowsqueeplz: :iconrainbowsqueeplz: :iconrainbowsqueeplz: :iconrainbowsqueeplz:

Well, I thought, if I'm making the really younger version of the God, why not I make Him a little different and maybe, add a bit to the story. So, I did.

Thanks for liking it. It means much, when you say so. :)

Maybe, I might use this 'God of Evanescence' story to make artworks in future...or any of your other artwork as a backdrop and add to your stories. I'll let you know and ask you for permission. And maybe, put my submissions to Fan Art category[for you] :aww: and submit in your Fan Group. :iconcutiesmileplz:

Will you please allow me to do that? :icondesperateplz:
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ahh sure I will allow you to do that! :D That would be amazing!! :la: :hug:
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:woohoo: Yaaay..!!!!! Thanks...I'll tell you if I decide something... :)
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thats so
adorable ;w;

-hides mine- just
no words
the colours
it all works so well ;w;
and background ;w;
idek what to say
i love it.
S-A--K-I's avatar
:P That's really cute way to go speechless... :P :P :P

But I don't think it deserves that... you're too sweet....:aww:
No need to hide yours, come on...!!!! That is way too sweet too... :iconeweplz:

I'm so happy that you like mine...thank you so much... :iconcutiesmileplz:
estrellas-de-plata's avatar
Ahahaha:3 You make me sound adorable xD
Like yours? I love it ;w; Its deserved!!!!!!:heart:
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Thank you so much... :iconlovehugplz:
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