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I don't think I am going to continue posting here. DA seems pretty dead, I work to hard and to long to spend time on DA. People don't really seem to be interested in my work anyway, and I have serious bills to pay.  Ill keep what work I have up, but honestly there are just to many people running off with my work and nobody seems to give a shit. I support artist here, but I don't get much support back. Its just not productive to be here, and I think its time to move on where my work may be appreciated. 

Thanks for the times, and good luck to everyone.  
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here is the link to MY NEW WEBSITE...go check it out and show me some love :D.
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Hello everyone,
Its been a few months, we had a new years and Christmas and all sorts of things have happened.
If you don't know I was contacted by the CEO of a kickstarter company called Roseportal. I had a great opportunity to work for them so now I ask you all rush over to their kickstarter page and be a pal, donate to this start up company and show em some support. Its a fun game but you're donations will help them to keep making more and exciting games in the future.…
They are extremely hard workers and everyone did a great job on the latest game Unraveled.

In other news I also did some work for a band out in Florida On to Omaha  Check em out.

For next month I will be making a couple of appearances in California for some gallery shows, with a few friends from the Academy. it will be good to see what people have been working on over the last few years, and I am super excited to see some old faces.
For this month my new logo is complete, and my website will be ready to launch soon. I am currently working on the second book and I have a ton... A TON of work lined up to showcase on that site.
I will also be editing new videos and posting them to my youtube page, I think you will be surprised at what you see. Making the work is one thing, editing the stuff for proper viewing is another.
I hope you guys check out the goodies I got for ya, and make sure you swing around to the nice fellows at roseportal and show some love.

Ill be back soon. :D
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I found a web site company called brandcast. I will be starting a website there, and I don't think Ill be posting here so much. DA is an alright place, but unless you have tones of friends on this site and start mass favoring work you don't really like your not going to make a lot of money; or sadly become recognized. I have to start taking my work seriously, and I have to start charging serious money for my work. I'm not being greedy, I am being practical.  For most people deviant art is a place to toss up fan art, home porno photos, weird projects, and overall randomness. I do have a bit of a circle here and I will continue to post, but I am going to be spending a lot more time with my new brand cast site. I was lucky  enough to get a website slot without busting my bank account, and I want to be taken more seriously in the art community. Literally working from 7AM to 11 PM and not having anything to show for it has become troublesome, and its a downward trend. its good to have fun every once in a while, but I have to come to terms with the fact that I have mouths to feed and I need to take my work, and myself seriously.
I have also seen a lot of my art being used in other places without my consent or any credit....most of the time my name signature is completely scrubbed. So instead of chasing people down and demanding some sort of recognition, being stepped on and ignored; I simply desire to relocate my pieces someplace more suitable to my needs. It is hard to become recognized when you are competing with a billion other people who are better at promoting themselves. So that's my story, if you watch me don't worry I will still post on DA. I will be posting a lot of things here for time to come, but my better and more polished works will be on brand cast for serious clients and buyers. I am going to be working on my lay out this week so that by Friday your time I will be finished and you can come see my new website. I will also be selling my book through brand cast once I am ready to publish. I was suppose to be published this week, unfortunately a family emergency occurred and the finances had dried up...that is life.
In personal affairs I had to go to the emergency room on Friday, it turns out that my stomach was pooling blood?...Yes...blood was collecting in my guts and it was totally F**king gross. The doctors proceeded to jam a hose into my nose and suck everything out...through my face. So that was a tone of fun, because by 3:30 in the afternoon I was a Victorian blood fountain...and it was gross, just in case you where wondering.
So after being tortured by doctors, they told me nothing and sent me on my marry way. The idiots in the pharmacy denied me my medication, so my retort was that they quickly and efficiently go and jammed several sharp items from the pencil box into their anuses. My Friday night was spent in pain and loathing and I hated everyone who lived on planet earth. The moral of the story is, don't trust anyone with your health; because everyone is an idiot.     
I also watched the new series The Strain, it is awesome and solves all your worries in the world.
I hope my misery has made you pity me today "please feel sorry for me". I hope that you are all doing awesome and in perfect health. Now I will go find my teddy bear Oswald and hold him tight as I cry myself into a corner and try to forget those mean doctors who raped and murdered my innocents.
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...Then I have been successful.
Creating a world in your mind is wonderful, making it a place where people want to come is sometimes difficult. I hope I can be successful in inviting you, the audience to the world I have created.
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I've noticed that people who claim they want critiques on DA, don't really want to be critiqued. They want to be over praised and reassured. Usually a Critique will involve something about your work you don't really want to hear. Not with most people on DA, they cant imagine that there may be something wrong with their work. Fist off if you are seeking an honest critique, expect to have your work scrutinized, if you are looking for bobbing heads to approve everything you do with a goofy smile and omit your life is a lie then just keep doing what your doing.
Most people will hate my guts for writing this, and that's alright; They have the maturity level of a toddler. However honestly if you ask for critiques and all you get is "Oh mah gawd I love you no matter what you do" that's not going to help you with anything, and those people are making you worst. They are pretty much giving you a license to shit on a plate, take a photo of it and they will except it as beautiful.
To sum it up, don't ask me to critique anymore, honestly you don't want to hear it and most of you are not mature enough for it. I am not going to give you empty praise because your parents didn't put your latest work on the fridge. Seriously, a lot of you people need to grow up and except the fact that some of your work sucks.
Leonardo once wrote.
-The Greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
Leonardo of Vinci.

Now stop asking me to critique, and figure it out your own damn self.
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I have become a you tube partner for my channel. I have also changed the name of my channel, it is now Clydesdale. I am trying to get some extra cash, I am not selling out but I think its time to begin making money for my work instead of working for free.

Now I have to make a shout out to the critic's.  You are on the ignore list. I am tired of every looser who produces nothing telling me how to do my stuff. Honestly, if you haven't done anything then you have no wiggle room to talk. Seriously, I am tired of every jack ass with photo shop and expensive camera lecturing when they have no idea what they are talking about. I don't come to where you work and knock the dick out of your mouth, so know your place troglodytes. Just because you have a 50.000 dollar camera doesn't mean you know how to use it. Just because you got photo shop doesn't mean your suddenly Leonardo, or Picasso. Spending a shit load of money on equipment doesn't suddenly ordain you as a pro, its proclaims your an asshole who parts with your money quickly and run your mouth even faster. I am tired of hearing douche bags saying "oh I am a professional photographer". meanwhile your non existent portfolio is full of chicks you tricked into posing nude for you, just so you can squeeze a few rounds off your  squirt gun. As a professional lady lancer I have learned one thing, "cheap tricks, small dicks". And as a caveat emptor any women foolish enough to pose nude in front of you and your flashy camera, honestly you can keep em. Obviously they are dumb as bricks, and are desperate for attention. I have run into a large number of smug assholes who love to sit around and criticize without knowing what they are talking about. They also claim to be professionals and they have produced nothing for anyone. Its time to start calling people on the floor for stupid shit and holding them accountable for being retards with big mouths.

For the closing of this journal I do have to say that I will be posting more stuff later this weekend. If you hate me for the previous statements that's alright, the truth hurts sometimes.  I could care less what people think right now, to many people are walking about with a smug chip on the shoulder. they love to talk shit about other people and brow beat people out of doing things they like. If you think I have a shitty attitude, that's alright because the shit is only going to get worst so get some toilet paper and get ready for the whipping of a lifetime.

I will be posting more videos soon, and I am currently working on a serious video right now to better explain myself. I am doing some mad editing and video making right now, to make it as professional and smooth as I can for what my skills allow me to do. I am refurbishing all my program settings and doing an over haul on some of my videos. Its going to take a lot of work so I am going to be busy as fuck.

Stay tuned people. I hope its going to be as exciting as I have imaged it in my mind.

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Its a common theme this winter, however now its cold inside and out. My home is rented and due to the year that my house was constructed, its a fucking icebox. Now I'll explain, there is no insulation.

"why does that matter?" You ask.

Listen up you apes, and Ill fill ya in. Insulation is that pink shit that lazy Mexicans stuff in your walls to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you have enough of it, it will trap the good temperatures inside so you don't end up wasting money letting heat escape through the walls.

"what money? I don't pay for heat?" You giggle.

Don't be a smart ass, your parents pay for it then. They should have used that money to abort you at birth. Now why does this matter? Well, its the equivalent of stuffing yourself into a refrigerator and trying to draw. Yes it sucks, in fact its a demotivating situation to be in. Its hard enough to stay warm, let alone draw. I find myself looking at my drafting table thinking, "well...I could draw....or I could go watch a movie and do the laundry."

Now on to better news, I finished a few videos and they are posted. I am also getting ready for two new pieces, one of which is a Christmas related. I want to get those done before I go to LA, and everyone else goes for vacation. Everyone is going to be busy around Christmas so I don't except to get many views around that week. I have to do some cookie decorating thing this weekend and clean the house before I leave. So I am going to be busy as nuts. I also have three beers left in the fridge I have to finish before tomorrow.

Alright...that's about it for me.

Have a good one everybody.   

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Here's the link, you apes want to live forever?! D=<

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Alright, so lately I have been pretty busy with a few different things.

I have been going back and forth with the hospital and I finally got my appointment and got that out of the way last week. It took about 3 months to get everything straightened out. About 3 months ago I had a serious infection and I had to go to the emergency room, they couldn't figure out why I was having problems but they solved it.

Later I found out that I have a condition that turns my skin against itself...weird right? So my skin literally is trying to kill itself, thinking that its an intruder.? Well that's how the doctors explained it. Its not cancer, but the only way I can get rid of the affected skin is to ....cut my skin off. I have to screw around with dermatology next month.

Anyway I have been trying to get a few different things done, my book is finally finished HAZZAH...but I am still going through the legal bullshit...Boooo! I have to get bar codes and funding and tax forms and junk out of the way before I can put anything out on the market. I am considering having the first book just be a free online download. So you can put that shit on your I pad and read it on the bus while a homeless guy masturbates 3 seats away. Sounds good right? I have also fallen behind in my videos. I will try to make some more this week, I had a whole bunch of things I wanted to paint. I got all my stuff set up, so why haven't I been posting stuff more frequently online? Well I have a few things going on at home. Family stuff is driving me crazy and I don't really have time during the day to get much done, and by the time  I do get to work, I am too exhausted to do anything.

I know its just excuses, but I do have a lot of stuff I am in the middle of working on. I just have to get them prepped, edited and uploaded.

So hopefully by the end of the day I will have a bit more online for you guys to see.

Thanks for watching and Ill see you guys soon.


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I receive updates and flyers in my e mail all the time. Today I found an email from amazon about there new "amazon art" section. I was a little confused, but it does make sense I suppose. I mean your you're an unknown artist trying to push your work out on the market, this might make it easier for you. I am not sure why they would announce this now? Was I not able to sell my art online before? Would Amazon bar me from selling prints on their site?

Its an interesting break through, however I cant help feel that something fishy is going on here. Is amazon trying to take business from the brick and mortar shops? I don't think so. Are they trying to encourage people who are struggling to get push work out? Though it seems like a good idea, I cant help but shake the idea something is off about it. Maybe Amazon it trying to be a middle man to collect more revenue? I am not sure.

If you care about this story, please let me know what you think.

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Your FIRED! That is what I told my editor today, because they continued to push back deadlines for waaaayyyy to long. So now I have to edit my book myself, and the date has been pushed back with it. I am tired of peoples bullshit, now I have to go and I will be busy for a week longer now. So I don't know when my book will be finished to be honest, I am really pissed I also had to cancel my doctors appointment. So I have to wait a month to see my doctor again.

Fucking set backs, fall backs and hang ups all week. Now I have a shit tone of work on my desk, a mount of stress on my back and I am fed up with dealing with incompetence.  I'm about to rage quite this bitch.

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Tomorrow I have to go back to the hospital, I am going to be scheduling myself for surgery. Anyway, I wont be able to get much done so I am trying to get a lot of things done today. Friday will be the final day of editing for book one of "Star Journal". Book 2 is almost finished and I will be starting the images for book 3.

Anyway after tomorrow I should have bigger and more important news, for now I get to kick back and relax before the storm.


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Yesterday I was admitted to the emergency room, I had to cease all work. I was very sick and in tremendous pain. After being molested and stabbed by many nurses and doctors and interns, it turned out I had a serious infection and was given high grade drugs that make the room bleed orange juice. I was in the ER for 8 hours but I came out with what I needed and feeling better today.

I am going to keep working on my stuff and I am thinking about posting a new video. I don't know what I should do, if you would like to see something let me know, I am an art prostitute...Ill do anything.  

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Alright fellas,

So I am about to publish my book. I hope you got your diapers on because your going to shit yourself. Anyway its a story that starts off slow but once your strapped in, the erection you'll get is beyond anything you can handle.

I've been busting my ass for the past few years on research and information gathering, so I hope it was worth it. I am going to be putting out book one of an ongoing series. I hope it gathers a fan base or even a bizarre cult following. I finished the paintings and the book layout and had to re-order a shit load of new materials, for  books two and three.

Take care people, and I will be posting once my book is available for order. Hopefully I won't have to continue as a jiggalo at the retirement home for much longer.

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For all those looking for commissions or freelance artist I have a web site.

This is the link to said website.…#

Its not my blog, its my Website :D I am slowly moving up.

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I have more videos coming up soon. I have gotten more traffic but it seems like know body really wants to stay around. I guess people just sort of pop in and then walk away after they have a good look. That's alright. anyway I am going to continue working and making videos. I am going to be doing a product review today, if you are a water color painter you might want to check it out. Or even if you paint with gouache. I will be putting up my sample here and also on my blog if you are interested.
Have a good day and have fun.
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I don't care what you do in your bedroom....though I am curious sometimes, but that's aside the point. Don't leave me comments with links to porn on my stuff. I don't come to were you work and knock the dick out of your mouth, don't put stupid shit posted on my work.
Now...back to my labors.

Oh you wanted more?...well, don't smoke crack.
Have a good day.
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I have been working on a few new things. Lately its been more difficult to get motivated and produce decent works. But I find if I am patient and just sit down for a while I can get most of the work I want done. Anyway I just made a mass submission of a few things I have been working on.
Don't forget to visit the blog because summer is coming up and I plan to try to attend some events during the summer festivities. I have gotten the flu AGAIN, but I am just about to pull through so I wont be sick for much longer. I have been making random visits into the city, but for reference purposes...not really so much recreational. Anyway, I plan to take the test that I recently finished and put them to use in some up coming projects I am working on. I am also looking into getting a larger scanner because much of my work exceeds 18X24, so...ya there is that. Anyway hope to get more visitors in later. I know I havnt been submitting as much as I would like, but I think that is going to change, I have found an entire realm of subject matter that I am interested in doing.
Anyway hope you guy enjoy the new stuff and I will be back soon.
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back from LA, time to kick some butt