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Top 5 worst Cartoon Networks reboots

Unlike Nickelodeon or Disney, we can thank that Cartoon Network is not full of boring sitcoms purely maintaining the image of the channel, however, there are 4 things with which we can consider that CN is decaying and getting worse:

1-The same animation, since CN stopped collaborating with other studios and productions, lately their series have the same type of animation, and although they are all drawn differently, they all give the impression that they are all oneself.

2-The short duration of the episodes: I do not understand why now the episodes of each show only last 10 minutes, occasionally some show has a full episode of 20 minutes as before, but I find it rather mediocre to make us wait a week just to see a New 10-minute episode, why do not they just do two episodes and put them together for half an hour like the shows before?

3-Censorship: I do not understand why CN has given him the craze to censor and cut scenes in other regions, he believes that his target audience are children from 5 to 7 years so he chooses to cut scenes that do not really have anything inappropriate ( Although there are times if it is better to censor), he has been cutting scenes both in his shows and the films that transmit, even cut scenes on retransmissions of old shows.

But what I'm going to talk about, it's about the fourth reason and the main reason why CN is decaying, reboots, apparently CN has good intentions to want to bring back the old cartoons of our childhood, apparently want to do a reboot Of these shows to become a world-famous success, as they did with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, and Transformers; But this does not work because CN gives the work to inexperienced people who apparently never saw the show, apart, they take advantage of the target audience are the children of the new generation, and do not have to comment since they never saw The original shows, but this is not right, it is not correct that CN cheats children without showing them the best that were the original shows before they were born, do not know what they are missing. Below, I'll give a critique of each reboot:

5-Wabbit: Here in this show they tried to recreate new cartoons of Bugs Bunny without Daffy duck, like the old cartoons of Bugs Bunny, but this series is much more out of place of the concept of the Looney Tunes than that The Looney Tunes Show, as for example, that Bugs flee from the Grim Creeper or have to endure a Big Foot delayed, the designs of several of the characters look horrible, The only detail I like is that the Coyote speaks, because it refers to when the first two cartoons the Coyote used to talk when Bugs was his mortal enemy and not the roadrunner, removing this, what bothers me is that the episodes are a lot Shorter, just when CN makes 10-minute episodes, now they have to do 5-minute episodes? The fact that Bugs Bunny is one of the most famous cartoons in history does not mean that there is qe to make it infamous.

4-Be Cool Scooby-Doo!: No doubt we can admit that Scooby Doo is slightly overexploited, but at least we prefer more constant films than this show, this series seems as if Seth Mcflarne bought all of Scooby-Doo's rights to apply his terrible design, filling, and toilet humor , What I hate most of this show is the new Daphne, apparently no longer wanted to be more classic damsel in distress, and apparently do not decide which character should be now, always has a different obsession in each episode. It was a low blow, to pass from a great success like Mysteries Inc, to be property of Familiy Guy. To make matters worse, this is the only show that returns to have episodes of 20 minutes.

3-The Powerpuff girls 2016:  I'm sure many wanted to talk about this shit, and I'm being subtle with calling it shit, it's like they originally wanted to make an absurd show similar to Uncle Grandpa, but they wanted to use the image of one of CN's most famous shows to be more famous , But it is not so, at last what results is to ruin the image. Blossom happened to be the charm leader to a whole obsessed by the order, Bubbles happened to be the adorable girl that we all loved to all a brainless meme, and Buttercup went from being the rude girl butt kicker to an asshole, Also there have been many changes out of the original series, for example, girls instead of going to Oaky Poaks study in a high school, Mrs. Bellum is no longer, and girls use modern cell phones instead of the direct line phone . But according to me, the most radical change of the reboot, is the absence of the narrator, I know that sometimes he is heard to speak at the beginning and at the end, but the one who is almost not heard to present and finish each episode as before takes away much essence. The only time that these PPG looked more dignified to the original series, was with his crossover with TTG, because it is clear that TTG revasa the limits of stupidity, which makes any other terrible show by his side is much more worthy. But I'll talk about TTG later.

2-Ben 10 2016:  I know that this show is not long, but it is on this top because it lacks respect for one of the most famous franchises of CN, in some commercials classify it "Ben 10, better than ever", which accurately understands "Best" ? The series now has that same duration of 10 minutes per episode, and has the same absurd humor that is seen in PPG, not to mention that there were many terrible redesigns, Upgrade is now purple, Stinkfly is more a bug man, and why they replaced Ripjaws by a Water Hazard Ripoff? Not to mention the lack of originality, as many of the episodes steal plot footage from the original series, for example, "Freaky Gwen Ben" is a copy of "A change of face", "Growing Pains" a copy of "Dont drink the water" and "Riding the storm out" is a copy of "Dr Animo and the Mutant ray". It was terrible that a famous series of superheroes happened to this, but I'm glad it was not exactly like the Teen Titans.

1-Teen Titans Go!:  How ?, so you people already knew that they talked about this show? Well, not expect to talk about this show if this show IS PURE TELEVISION CANCER! Seriously, the original series was much better, there was a lot of intrigue and questions about not having a sixth season, and then why they thought it would be a good idea not to continue with the original series and instead turn the Teen Titans into a version Of Drawn Together? There is not even need to continue using superheroes for a show so, I never thought to say this, but I prefer Uncle Grandpa more than this garbage. Robin is now an obsecivious leader who forces everyone to do whatever they want in the violent way and nobody heeded, Starfire has become a fool even though it is an alien who thinks that kindness is the first thing to fight crime and leaves One side all his feelings for Robin in the original series to send him to the friendzone without remorse; Raven is the most normal but only most of the time, although the same can not be said of her obsecion for a parody of MLP (Well, that's understandable since Tara Strong plays the voice of Raven and Twilight Sparkle, so It is normal that he wanted that reference) And Beast Boy and Cyborg, went from being the fools that made us laugh, to a whole headache ("Waffles" is a true example) Besides, this show tries to poison the minds of children with stupid things that do not make any sense, as for example, that to prevent your brain rot is better to do nothing more than watch television, that bathrooms are actually a A powerful and magical race, that the older magic tricks are better than the real magic, or that if you eat without chewing your belly will come to life. Another thing is that something I detest both TTG and The amazaing world of Gumball, is that most episodes are titled with something that is only mentioned a few seconds and has nothing to do with the real plot, for example " Croassant "," I am the Sauce "," Hose water "," Oil Drums "," The Cape ", "Breakfeast Cheese", and of course" The return of Slade ", Seriously, what is the sense of titling an episode with something small to make us misinterpret the plot? In addition to there are other episodes like "The fourth wall" where even the Toodler Titans know that the original series was better, then, WHY THIS SHOW HAS NOT BEEN CANCELED IF THIS SHOW IS AGAINST THE SAME AND KNOWS THAT THE SERIES ORIGINAL WAS BETTER ?!

To finish with the top, I want to give a comment to those writers of now, they must be careful with the people who are given the name of a famous show, since many apparently have not seen the show in their lives and do not know of Which originally treats, that the show should be something of the taste of the children of the new generation, should also be something of the taste of the old fans who see the channel and want to return their favorite shows. Absurd and ridiculous humor is not precisely the main objective for everyone.

That's why you have to hire fans, because at least they do know that is what everyone wants to see.
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memehunter10's avatar

ben 10 RB is perfection

RZGmon200's avatar

Exactly, because it did the only thing that the other reboots could not do, improve and develop.

rusupavel's avatar

I hated so much teen titans go I wish to be cancelled and the original series must be back

rusupavel's avatar

Oh but Ttg is Cancelled in 2024,But I hated

BubblesBriaArtz's avatar

5. Gross and unfunny, just some cringe ass jokes. 2011!Looney Tunes had more clever humor.

4. BLEARGH! Now the producers said it was a good idea to flanderize our legendary Mystery Gang and make such a horrible attempt at copying Seth MacFarlane's style that makes Vyond blush?

3. Neutral, but the original 1998 series will always prevail.

2. Trash. Not a fan of Ben 10 either way.

1. Opinion respected as I actually like this reboot.

Genesect1999's avatar

The originals Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, Bugs Bunny and Teen Titans:

BubblesBriaArtz's avatar

Don't forget Scooby-Doo. The Be Cool reboot was downright cringey.

Genesect1999's avatar
rusupavel's avatar
Worst Shows Ever
PMZthepoopyhead's avatar

The removed Miss Bellum because she was "Too sexual" but they don't think 5 year olds twerking isn't ah yes *L O G I C*

ArthurEngine's avatar

5. Haven't seen it, so can't comment.

4. We don't need anymore Scooby-Doo spinoffs!

3. Talk about cringeworthy. I just call it "The Girls" and leave it at that.

2. That reboot should go to Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi! (Cartoon Network's best show ever)

1. I just call it "Go!" and leave it at that.

MayandKirby's avatar

Ehhh...4 outta 5.

Didn't really minded Wabbit.

P.S. Porky was originally fat back then.

For Scooby Doo, It was the Family Guy Ripoff style that ruined it.

Do's  Don'ts on drawing eyes.

Also, They ruined a Christmas Carol.

Also (again), Daphne got hit by the same idiot stick they used on Boom Knuckles.Knuckles storing up nuts for the winter

(Not even Frida from El Tigre or Puppycorn from Unikitty was that much of a Idiot!)

OH COME ON!!! Frida Suarez

(All the same voice by the way.)

For Ben 10,

I really do like the Alien Worlds videos, It's just that everyone on earth has taken a page out of the "Be Cool Scooby Doo" book.

Powerpuff Girls 2016.

The art style worked for Clarance.

NOT for the Powerpuff girls. Also, WHAT DID THEY DO TO ARE BABIES?!?!?

Blossom has the worse case of Brainy Smuff Syndrome ever,Sad Blossom

Buttercup is more of a trouble maker then Dennis ever was,Sad Buttercup

And Bubbles is a... A MEMER!!! The worst of them all!Sad Bubbles

And this series stinks of both SJW nonsense & Corporate Greed!!!

(This is exactly what the OG PPG episode "Knock it off" warned us about!!!)

And As for Teen Titans Go...

It's evolved BEYOND insulting original fans.

But America & Humanity as a whole.

They back stabbed there better Sister show Unikitty,

Unikitty betrays Teen Titans Go!

And is solely responsible for all the reboots before it!


go ahead. knock yourselves out

It's a good thing Disney & Nick are doing better then this.

ducktales 062417
Rise of the TMNT: Leo and Mike
MayandKirby's avatar

P.S. as for Megaman Fully Charged,

Megaman confused

He already has so many incarnations of himself.

Five of him already appeared in Smash Bros with him.

Mega Man - Final Smash

So what's one more gonna do?

Mega Man
memehunter10's avatar

Ben 10 RB & megaman fully charge is the only reboot I like

Also thx for reminding megaman

RipperRoo128's avatar
Wabbit was ok, but i prefer the old ones, as, while there are new OCs in the show, it lacked most of the jokes from the old ones. Anyways, it's a good show.
TheSuperMegaGengar's avatar
So basically the top 5 worst cartoon reboots are all of them.

Also to be fair, Ben 10 (2016)'s roster of villains isn't nearly as forgettable as PPG (2016)'s.
DragonKing3721's avatar
You hit the nail on the head with this.
I agree that these reboots are extremely horrible.
Drake-Ormr's avatar
Here's what I think of all this:

In my opinion, the Wabbit episode parody of Rabbit Rampage was kind of funny.

I heard of "Be Cool Scooby-Doo!" but I haven't fully watched them due to lack of interest; Though I liked the Grim ReaPepper scene.

The first few things I've seen of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls were that inappropriate panda butt scene, Bubbles's ugly "No Me Gusta" face. Those two things made me say, "No way am I watching that."

What I hate most about Ben 10 2016 is what they did to Stinkfly, he looks nothing like the original!

I don't blame ya about the fact that Teen Titans Go! is the worst! I heard of Drawn Together and when I read about the characters in Wikipedia, their behaviors are unacceptable and not convincing me to watching it. Guess that explains why you compared TTG! to Drawn Together.
Brickpunk's avatar
Cartoon Network has really gone downhill!
RedheadXilamGuy's avatar
Ben 10 has always sucked from the beginning, the original show is just as bad as the reboot.
RedheadXilamGuy's avatar
What? All of Ben 10 sucks.
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