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[CE] Needle for Cosmiplier
Tumblr Version

Contest Entry: Needle for cosmiplier
Group Four: Oddballs

:pointr: I have read the rules: Happy Birthday.
:pointr: Friendly reminder this is raxgond's commission/fanart/etc. account.
:pointr: My account is Ryxe if you want to credit me there / upload this piece to Needle's TH gallery.

Really the main reason why I wanted to enter this contest was a chance to draw this character. What a unique / interesting design! I love spindly critters. ♥ Hope you enjoy and have a good day today / thank you for your patience!
[C] Basia for Mariette

[COMMISSION] Basia for Mariette

Tumblr Version

This is a commission for Omnisciient / wolf-laguz of her character Basia, a wolf laguz. Laguz are a species of shapeshifters from the Fire Emblem franchise (specifically the two Tellius games, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn), and Basia is specifically a laguz of the desert-dwelling wolves of Hatari. Her design was a lot of fun to draw! I wanted to make the background warm-colored to be more reflective of her respective biome and to match her general color scheme. Thank you so much for commissioning me!

[GIFT] Jongea (2017) for Ribbontail

[GIFT] Jongea (2017) for Ribbontail

Fullsize Version 2

NOTE: Tumblr version removed at Ribbontail's request.

This is an extremely belated birthday gift for my friend Ribbontail of her character Jongea the Smog Spirit. I should have gotten this done last month, but I was really busy with commissions (and still am), and also wanted to take a small break from artwork since my hand was hurting, but I hope this was worth the wait! This is the second time I've drawn any of the characters from her storyline Fancy Clothes, but... a former-scientist-turned-giant-glowing-sewer-monster?! Sign me the heck up! Jongea sounds utterly delightful in my opinion, so I just had to take a shot at drawing her! I hope I did her design justice; I think my favorite part of her design is honestly the horn on her snout. For some reason, I think the little impaled skull on it is really charming / endearing!

So I actually made two versions of this, because I really liked the overdramatic lighting on the second one that shows off the glow of her bulbous pustules better, but it actually also destroys a lot of the details I put into shading the piece, so I just elected to show both versions. Click here to see a small animation that cycles between the two. In the past, I've made some pretty large animation effects before on pictures, but I often find they take ages to load even with the additional use of another animation optimizing program. I decided to keep the animated image fairly small so that the loading time isn’t that obnoxious.

Anyways, I'm sorry this took so utterly long, Ribbontail! I really treasure all the time we’ve spent together, and everything else you've done for me in my life. I really couldn’t ask for a better friend than you - you're literally one of the most supportive and compassionate individuals I've ever met! Thank you for being my friend, and for how patient and wonderful you are. It truly means the world to me, as do you. :heart:

Last year got a bit rough in places, but we still made it through. Here's to hoping 2018 is kinder to both of us, huh?! I hope you're excited to tackle the new year!!

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[C] Forest Fire for OonaWingedWolf

[COMMISSION] Forest Fire for OonaWingedWolf

Tumblr Version

This is a commission for OonaWingedWolf of her character Forest Fire. The requested theme / motif for this piece was "as though she wants to set the world on fire." The details and vibrant colors on her mane and tail were a lot of fun to draw. Thank you so much for commissioning me!
Danganronpa Meme - Blank Template
So, I haven't seen very many Danganronpa memes floating around deviantART (in fact, I only know of these two that resemble this particular style of meme - one, two - feel free to tell me if you know of any more), and since Danganronpa is my favorite franchise, I thought I'd try my hand at making a meme! If you fill it out let me know; I kind of doubt anyone will though given its length. You must truly be a Super High School Level (SHSL) / Ultimate if you manage to fully complete it!

Some things to note -

:bulletpink::bulletblack: Feel free to skip / cut out any questions you don't want to answer! It's meant to be fun, not stressful!
:bulletpink::bulletblack: You don't need to fill in the entire space or anything; I just wanted to make sure there was enough space to work with, since I sometimes come across memes that really feel like there isn't enough space to properly draw in unless it's edited to be larger.
:bulletpink::bulletblack: I tried to make this meme fairly inclusive to all sections of the franchise; any of the games, books/novels, manga, anime/OVAs, etc. are fair game!
:bulletpink::bulletblack: I didn't include questions like "least favorite character" because I don't think those are very fun to answer. I know I personally don't like spending time drawing characters I hate / dislike, and I'm more inclined to just draw a stupid scribble of them rather than actually spending time on it - so what's the point? Aha.
:bulletpink::bulletblack: Please don't bash / attack anyone else for their opinions if you see someone else filling this out / etc. Be nice and have fun!


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