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A Girl Who Thinks She Can Draw
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Sugoi Dekai - Warhammer Month 2020

Warhammer Fan Art

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Gifts and Commissions

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Stellar Jay's Night Out

Traditional and Charcoal

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Denver Bear: Act II Revision


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Elemental Hair Sticks and Wands

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Gray Days - Inu Redux Final


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Edible Art - Marbled Tea Eggs


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Adventures in Ball Point Pen

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Battle Zone Ursa Bear

Tales From the Sketch Book

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The Felis Codex

Cats, over the ages, have been considered gods, devils, demons, fairies, prophets, good luck, bad luck, witches, sorcerers, and shape shifters. There are countless stories; folklore, myths and legends inspired by the times and cultures that created them based on their observations of the peculiar behaviors and habits of cats. Even today, in this modern time, you look at a cat and can’t help but wonder a little, are they creatures with one foot… or paw… in the other world? The answer would be yes.                                                                        ~  Mi Chihoji, Clan of Earthly Wisdom                


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Steam Mermaids - Flats


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