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Touch of the Dragonfly - Senmi Sprite

By Ryuyujin
And the final bit of the 12 days of teasers and old Christmas drawings revisits is one of the sprites for the first visual novel White Noise Graphics will be publishing. We finally got a programmer that is Alaskan and not going to screw us over like our last ones (*cough* hubby discovered he's a natural with coding and wrote all the code for a short visual novel game in a week *cough*). So in between working on Suitors, we will be publishing a series of short stories set in the Three Worlds/Duo Ninja Universe called Touch of the Dragonfly. The Touch of the Dragonfly series is made up of adult games mind, and there is a nude version of this sprite on Hentai Foundry, but I do have something planned for the kiddies later down the road.

So... Say hello to the main protagonist! Yes, anyone familiar with my Duo Ninja/Three Worlds stories would notice something suspiciously familiar about this extreme sports loving mischievous gamer girl. Let the fan theories commence! I'd love to hear them and see how close you guys get to the canon.

Also yes, anyone who knows me, knows that's and outfit I wore in collage only the skirt was slacks.

Commissions are: On hold until the new year

Jenner's current update schedule:

- The goal will be SOME kind of content for you every single week (unless I am arguing with contractors again), uploaded sometime in the weekend. Which social media site it will be on is random however. I aim for Friday night or Saturday morning for the upload, so keep an eye out!

-Starting December 14 through Christmas Day there will be a revisit of older and newer Christmas works as well as a few teasers for upcoming projects!

As always, don't forget to leave comments, questions and critiques on either my front page, or any of my artworks that catches your eye! I really love reading your input and make an effort to reply whenever I can, and even if you don't get a reply right away, you can be sure that I've at least read it.

See you guys next week and in the mean time, check out my other sites!

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Your work has certainly improved over your older works. I have seen the other stuff you have drawn previously the shading and even minor details are improved to the point that I can barely recognize it at first and the nude image of this over on HF that DA would never let you post is also stunningly impressive. You have much better shading and us few lines to show the person's body parts. Its a really impressive drawing that reminds me so ,much of really high end comic book characters. I honestly can't wait to commission you and read this story you are working on
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Thank you so much for that glowing critique. I am deeply touched. I apologize I have been rather unresponsive to messages and comments. I am receiving over 1000 a day from DA, HF, FB, and emails combined and am having a hard time keeping up with them. I feel it is important to reply to as many as I can so please be patient with me as I figure out how to manage my time better. And I will indeed keep everyone posted on Touch of the Dragon Fly updates as well as Suitors. I will also keep folks posted as to when commissions will be available again.

I hope to keep improving and refining my multiple styles in the years to come.
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awesome glad to hear it
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Great to see more from you! Looking forward to the new developments with your work.

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I love how alive this character feels. The messy clothes, the maybe smiling / maybe about to murder someone expression, the bones and musculature and relaxed stance - they are bright and cheerful and maybe about to punch someone. There’s a great amount of detail on the hair and clothes, especially the shoes.

I have two very minor concerns. First, unless they’re running I don’t see why their hair would be whipping back and forth like that, and they look too stationary to be running … but maybe the hair is lifting on its own from anger? And it’s better to show the hair than let it hide behind the back, although now I like the idea of the character wearing that braid like a scarf. Second, their right leg looks twisted or bent backward at the knee in a painful way. Their left leg is also bent but looks like a relaxed lean. 

This critique brought to you by Jingleblüd. Merry Critmas! Critmas 2019: It’s On! .

Looks like a female version of Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins.
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Im so confused if this is duo the boy or if it is a girl
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