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Muffet Bugs

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Published: December 23, 2017
Say hello to the Muffet Bugs and a big fat 


This one is for the Warhammer 40K fans out there and any one else who is geeky or loves sic fi and thinks movies like Gremlins and Die Hard are traditional Christmas flicks. 

Why Muffet Bugs? Because these are Tyranid Rippers modeled after my youngest cat Muffet and inspired by a very old christmas card of cats in christmas stockings I saw once. So cat like Muffet like bug aliens. Muffet Bugs. Better then my old Tyrannid army that the locals called the Poptart Bugs after my color scheme was descried as "reminiscent of a wild berry pop tart with strawberry cream filling... is that a heart on that Carnifex's back?! WHY?!" 

Yes I am evil sometimes. But hay if there can be a Deadpool Warhammer army out there, I can have an army of Carebear like Bugs in wild red, purple, white and blue colors oozing creamy strawberry innards... though I think mine came first. I could be wrong. But it was a very very long time ago that I played Warhammer the table top version. Now I mostly muck about in the Warhammer Rooms on F-List. Come join the sexy fetish filled fun!

Rippers, Tyrannids, Tyranids, and Warhammer 40K © Games Workshop
Art, Design, and Muffet Bugs © Jennifer MaeLynn Riddle
Composition © The owners of the Christmas Card that inspired me.

Commissions are: OPEN

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RyuyujinProfessional General Artist
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks!
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CatiforniaProfessional Digital Artist
Awww They are so adorable :happybounce:
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RyuyujinProfessional General Artist
Sorry for the late reply. 

Thank you!