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Lady Johanna Nox Sprite - Clothed

By Ryuyujin
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Warhammer Month has officially started! This is our third year dedicating the month of September to Games Workshops grim dark strategy table top games and the drama charged RPs it has inspired!

For those that remember this little teaser from June
This is the character to whom this lovely little sword belongs to. The lovely Lady Johanna Nox, Knight Scion of the Cerastus Knight Lancer In Moonlight Clad on f-list !

I had way, way to much fun with the brocade designs and I honestly think she has even paler skin then Caminus!

Lady Johanna Nox © her creator and player
Warhammer 40k © Games Workshop
Sword, Art, Concept and Design © Jennifer MaeLynn riddle and White Noise Graphics

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Nice work she seems a it too human for 40k as so many of them all have some cybornetics. Also are you still too busy for my commission?