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Christmas 2018 - I am NOT a Reindeer!

By Ryuyujin
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Merry Christmas! Early sketch of this year's Christmas Doodle and the beginnings of the front of the Christmas Card that everyone will be sadly getting late this year. Might end up being New Year Card instead. Actaeon, an elk demon from my Three Worlds and Duo Ninja original stories is non to happy about getting mistaken for a reindeer or used as a makeshift Christmas Tree . Even that candy cane will not pacify him for long...

This will probably get moved to scraps or sketch book drawings later.

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I have to say for this being a sketch that you have already half have going to your scraps folder. It really great! Whispers: Let it stay, don't let it go to the scraps folder. It seems like a waste.
His expression says he is not impressed but he has that candy cane in his mouth. So he stays for the candy cane, at least for now; which is either very cute or just funny. Maybe even both! Having the word humbug on top really ties in the feeling.  
Your title is more of a statement from your Actaeon. Which I love. Sorry, but you have a reindeer feel about you Actaeon! Especially at this time of year, just bare with it. 
Great job!
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Glad you liked so much. Actaeon is a fun character really. You might also like the finished version:
Christmas Card 2018 Finished - I am NOT a Reindeer by Ryuyujin
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It's in my favourites! Thanks for letting me know about the completion! 
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Your welcome!