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Brother Marsh Character Sheet Sketch

By Ryuyujin
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Yeah, another Warhammer 40K fan character. This one is a modification of one of my Duo Ninja characters per request of my hubby. The character Marsh originally is a guardian of a Shrine in the second Duo Ninja story. Sadly his lot has not worsened as a Space Marine. And yes its adulated because there is some nudity.

Brother Marsh - 

Marsh was originally born to a fairly typical lower-middle class family on the Imperial world of Cirice. He became an Adeptus Astartes, one of the Emperor's Angels of Death by accomplishing nothing more than going in for a routine medical checkup. He was quickly conscripted by the grievously depleted Reaper Guard Chapter for no other reason than biological compatibility with geneseed, of which he was one of the top 756 candidates amongst the world's population of billions.

With no concern or thought being given at the time for the factors of tenacity, force of will, or even spiritual strength, Marsh can be thought of as a very atypical Space Marine in regards to his attitude and personality. Even his name, as unusual as it is for an Astartes, is a product of his circumstances, as he was originally named 'Marshall', but the name could be confused for reference to a rank in Vox communications, so the Chapter simply shortened it to 'Marsh'.

Cirice -

Millennia ago, Cirice was a lush Imperial agri-world, producing enough food to supply multiple sectors, and also having enough variety in resources to be a valued stop for trading vessels. It had since been burned and blasted many a time by intense, system-wide conflicts between the varied forces of the Imperium, and the many hostile Xenos and heretical forces arrayed against them.

The latest battles were by now, long ago, and Cirice retained enough value to the Imperium to be rebuilt, reaching its current state as a considerably industrialized, but pre-Hive society with a population of billions. The latest chapter in its history was to be granted to the Reaper Guard Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes as their new recruiting world.

Reaper Guard - 

The Reaper Guard are believed to be descended from the Raven Guard Chapter, of an unknown time and founding. Founded from the start as a fully fleet-based Chapter, the Reaper Guard maintained the emphasis on precise, lightning attacks, but lacking the ability to maintain specialized stealth vehicles, had by necessity replaced stealth with raw speed and aggression.

The Reaper Guard specializes in using massed blitzkrieg attacks in force with highly mobile light vehicles and transports, particularly Assault Bikes and Land Speeders, shattering the cohesion of enemy battle lines and putting Space Marine forces in a position to inflict massive casualties while taking advantage of the enemy's disorganized state. Compared to the use of drop-pods in the direct assault, this gives the Reaper Guard the ability to seamlessly follow through to an advance, taking swaths of enemy territory in far less time.

Unfortunately, with their fleet-based status, their tactics led to significant attrition over centuries of aggressive warfare against the enemies of Mankind. The Reaper Guard requisitioned a recruiting world from the High Lords of Terra, but the request took so long to be thoroughly processed, that by the time the planet Cirice was officially granted as a recruiting world, the Reaper Guard numbered only 244 surviving Marines.

Nearing a state of desperation, the Reaper Guard started a project of emergency conscription, aiming to bring themselves back to full Chapter strength in the least possible amount of time, and with the highest possible efficiency. To this end, the surviving Chapter Apothecaries were sent throughout Cirice's medical infrastructure, developing and employing methods to identify potential recruits on the basis of their physical compatibility with geneseed. The Chapter could not afford for there to be any rejection of geneseed, or any other failures during the process, and as a result, factors such as strength of will, mental discipline, or spiritual strength were all but completely ignored. After all, this was an emergency conscription only, and any losses in the future would be replaced in a much more traditional manner.

Over the course of barely a few short decades, 756 of the most singularly compatible individuals, out of the planet's population of billions, were conscripted to become Space Marines. As a result of their biological compatibility, each one accepted the geneseed, and the new organs very readily, recovered faster from the various surgeries, and there were no time-consuming complications to correct. In addition, each implanted organ functioned with slightly, but still noticeably superior efficiency to the baseline average, and resulted in slightly superior physical performance. They even grew into their Black Carapaces faster, reducing the amount of time they spent as Scouts before becoming fully armoured Battle-Brothers. Unfortunately, despite physical advantages, the emergency conscript Marines decidedly underperform in combat. They typically hesitate slightly longer before pressing the attack, are more readily suppressed by enemy fire, and were more prone to making incorrect judgements and decisions in the heat of battle. Some even retained irrational phobias.

The emergency conscript Marines were denied new names as they became Battle-Brothers, and instead retained their given name from their previous life. This was seen as an entirely practical matter, as it would be an effective way for Captains to identify which squads were likely to show inferior aggression without having to develop a separate rank structure or organisation.

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