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Brother Marsh Character Sheet 2

By Ryuyujin
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What the ****** DA?! Why are all my attempts at comments being censored and turned to a 1?! There is no 'trigger words' or 'bad links' any where! What the *****?!

Second set of study sketches of Marsh in prep of doing Desert Hanger and Assault Bike. There will be more Warhammer Marsh in the future but I also want to do some of his original version from my original stories.

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Brother Marsh Character Sheet by Ryuyujin

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Marsh, Art, Design and Composition @ Jennifer MaeLynn Riddle and White Noise Graphics

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- I'm making sure to have at least one completely finished artwork every single month. I can't guarantee exactly when in the month it will be, but there will be one finished!

As always, don't forget to leave comments, questions and critiques on either my front page, or any of my artworks that catches your eye! I really love reading your input and make an effort to reply whenever I can, and even if you don't get a reply right away, you can be sure that I've at least read it.

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This is awesome! I love it! 
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RyuyujinProfessional General Artist
Thanks! I still want to do sketches of his original non-Warhammer version someday too. ^^;
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I look forward to them.