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Emergency art sale!

My only regular client has just terminated my contract without notice and has left me in quite a bind, as not only am I not earning again, but I still have yet to be paid for outstanding work and I don't know when this will be.
I’ve had to close commissions for the foreseeable, but if you can help me out either by buying the originals, prints and books I’ve got for sale, pledging to my Patreon and Ko-fi accounts or even by boosting this post, I’d very much appreciate it.

Original sketches for sale (please message me if you’re interested):
Sketches for sale by ryuuza-art

All prices are in GBP. Postage for these will be £2 for the UK, £5 for regular international mail or £9 international insured and tracked.

All my comics, books and prints are sold through here.




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... for my favourites currently being full of leg, but I've just discovered I am Undertale trash and have several months to catch up on. :XD:
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Just added some new artwork to my Patreon page; the first of my ‪Harry Potter‬ character headshot references for the series of chapter artwork I’ll be doing.
All Patrons can view the whole image, so just $2 a month will get you this, exclusive access to most of my future pre-production work and early access to finished artwork! :DTom Riddle Preview by ryuuza-art

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HOLIDAY‬ ‪‎SALE‬! From now until the 1st January, I’m offering 20% off ALL ‪commissions‬!
Order before 12th December for postal delivery (UK) or 18th December for digital delivery to have them in time for ‪Christmas‬. :) (Smile)

Ryuuza Christmas by ryuuza-art   Final Fantasy: Villains by ryuuza-art   Bear by ryuuza-art 

Prices are from £24 for digitally coloured ‪portraits‬ and characters (plus £12 per additional character and £16 for a background) and £12 for ink and marker sketches (plus £6 per additional character and £8 for a background).
For more examples, take a look at my DA gallery, website or Facebook page
Seen a style you like that’s not on the information sheet? Let me know!
Wings of Fury by ryuuza-art   Untitled by ryuuza-art    Untitled by ryuuza-art  Commission - 12th Doctor by ryuuza-art   Magic Armour Link by ryuuza-art  Comics617 by ryuuza-art   
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Hi guys.
Sorry to post about this again, but I just gained the lead today and I'm trying so hard to stay ahead!
It really would mean a lot to us to get this. We won't have an awful lot of money between us and the more we can keep to spend on living expenses, the better!

If you can help out in any way, please do!


Hi everyone!

I've entered the Yogscast In America contest. Grand prize is a PC, which I could really use to help me with my business (since my partner will be joining me in the near future), and I'm currently in fourth place with 53 votes to go in order to catch up with first. If you can please vote for me and share my entry, I'd really appreciate it!

The voting link is here (click on "vote" under the number):…
It only takes a moment and you don't need to enter any personal details.
Thanks! Heart

Stunt Lads of America by ryuuza-art
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Any UK based Yoshiki/ X-Japan fans free for his concert this Thursday in London? I won two tickets from Japan Centre and the second one's going spare, so if you want it and can make the show, it's yours. :)
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Hi everyone!
Here's my updated commission sheet for digital and traditional illustrations. I'm looking to make some money to help fund convention appearances and new materials (pens, markers etc.), so if you could please share this, that would be fantastic!

If you're interested, message me here or send an email to

You can also find me on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

Click the image to view it at full size:
Ryuuza - Commissions 2018 by ryuuza-art

Original post on Tumblr:…
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Another giveaway on Tumblr to celebrate passing the 50 (now 60) follower mark!

Here's the original post -…

1st Prize:
A full colour digital drawing of characters of your choice (maximum of 2), with a simple background if you wish. :)

2nd Prize:

Two runners up will get a black and white ink sketch (again 2 characters max).


Square-headed German Science Bros by ryuuza-art   Psychonauts - Razputin ink sketch by ryuuza-art

Absolutely anyone is welcome to enter, though it would be nice if you followed me as well. ;)
All you need to do is like or reblog this post. Liking and reblogging will earn you two entries. If you don't have a Tumblr account, favouriting and sharing on DA is fine too, though you will need to link me to show if you've shared it.

The giveaway will close on the 27th September at 11:59PM GMT, after which I'll randomly select a winner. Make sure that your ask boxes are enabled!

Best wishes,


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Hi all!

I'm having a Free! ACEO giveaway over the weekend. For more details, click the image below or visit my post on Tumblr. :)

Aceo Tests and a Giveaway by ryuuza-art

Best wishes,
As I'm getting low on funds, I'm having a character sketch sale, starting from $10/ 6 for an inked single character with no background. There are a few examples in my gallery, or you can check out my Tumblr post about it.

If you're interested, note me with your request and I'll arrange it with you. :)

Please spread the word!

Best wishes,

Just started my Facebook page, which will be used for news and updates on various projects that I'm involved with as well as new artwork. Go forth and "like", my friends!

I've also got a teaser site up for "Farsight", written by my boyfriend and with artwork done by myself. Not much up there yet, but I'll be updating this with information about issue #1 which is due out for the Thought Bubble festival in November.

In other news, business is booming with the "cosplay portrait" side of things. Nowhere near making a living out of it yet, but word seems to be spreading and I've been doing quite a few over the last month, with more people who are interested in getting one in the near future. Best thing that's happened lately!

I'm at Ayacon this weekend, selling various things in the artist alley and dressed in heretical Western cosplays (Sasha Nein from Psychonauts on Saturday and Lumpy Space Princess on the Sunday). :XD:
Looking forward to it! I'll post a write up once I get back.

Until then!

Hi everyone.

I realise this may sound like a bit of a "woe is me" post, but please bear with me. I'm in a rather desperate situation right now and money is extremely tight, to the point where I'm not even sure if I'll be able to afford to travel to the shows I've booked - which would be a real bummer as I really need the income from them and wouldn't have a selling platform for my comics without them.

Although I've been posting my commission in several different places, I'm still not getting any takers. So please share, reblog, tweet etc. this post anywhere you can, even if you're not sure you know anyone who needs an illustrator or animator right now. Every little helps!

As well as taking general commissions, I'm also offering cosplay portraits, which you may have seen me doing at some London and Birmingham shows. For more details, please click on the thumbnails below.

Ryuuza Commission Information by ryuuza-art

Ryuuza Cosplay Portraits by ryuuza-art

Thank you!

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Hi everyone.

My website has been updated with a completely new design, more artwork and more information including convention appearances. :)

I'll be at MCM London Comic Con in two weeks, so hopefully I'll see some of you there!

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Hi everyone.
I'm currently taking commissions for personalised letter paper featuring comic style (or others if you prefer) portraits of the letter sender. I've got a couple of examples in my gallery (shown below) and I'm also selling them on ebay here -… .
If you'd like a set, please note or email me so we can discuss details. Each set will be 10, plus 4 printing and shipping for the UK and 10 for international orders. Payment is through Paypal only.

Examples (more to follow):

I'll be taking orders at MCM Expo later this month as well.
If you could please share this, I'd be very grateful! :)

All the best,
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Hi everyone.
It's that time of year again. In honour of Free Comic Book Day I'm giving away free digital copies of Soulsnatchers Issue 01, so if you've not read it yet, now's your chance! :)

Click the link below to download your copy:

This is for today only, don't miss out!

Best wishes,
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Hi everyone.

First of all, some news on the progress of Soulsnatchers. After all the rubbish that's happened in the last year, I've finally got the script for Issue 02 completed! So I'm working on the roughs now and am aiming to have the finished issue out by October MCM Expo if not before then. :)

Second, I decided that in honour of this momentous occasion, I'd try out the Premium Content platform and make Issue 01 available as a digital download, for the not-so-princely sum of $2 (200 points). Might make it a regular thing if it goes well.
Click the thumbnail below for more details:

I'm all booked in for May, Manchester and Scotland Comic Con, as well as Ayacon, Thought Bubble and hopefully Play Expo in October. Hope to see you guys at some of those!

- G
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Is anyone going to Telford Expo on Saturday but not running a table? I may need some help with mine as I'm already one person down and now don't know if the other can make it. I think I'm just cursed lately. :(
If anyone's got a PS3 and wants the first Bioshock game, I got a free PSN code for pre-ordering Infinite. First come first served, so comment here if you want it and I'll note it to you.

Please note that I'm on the European side of PSN, so I don't know if the code will work elsewhere.
Well my artwork is anyway. :)
I did the cartoons for the "10 reasons why 2013 will rock" feature and it's my first commercial commission so I'm really excited about it (and a little bit nervous)! I'll be submitting them here in a bit.

All the best!
- G
Okay so my plans to get my Final Fantasy Anniversary artwork done and dusted before 2012 was over didn’t quite work out, but hey, it only had its 25th birthday in December so it’s not over yet! XD
In the meantime here’s a coloured preview of Safer Sephiroth from the “Villains” artwork:

Tumblr post

Ff Villains Colour Preview 01 by ryuuza-art

Happy new year everyone! Make lots of awesome art. :)