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Custom Hoodie Shiro Mokona

ok otro diseño de hoodie mas, esta vez toca el turno a la mokona blanca y la mokona negra, ambos son diseños complementarios y bastante agradables para mi


ok here's another hoodie design more, this time its turn for the white and black mokonas, both complementary designs, and rather pleasant to me

mokona belongs to Clamp
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I want one for display! :3 so adorable. And mokona is one of my Davies<3 thx for the upload
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lmao i'm actualy in the prossess of makeing one of these for a friend of mine! got one of the ears all sewn i just gotta get the other done, find a blue jem to glue onto the hood and find what the heck to use for the ear clip.
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the ear clip wouldn't be too difficult to make with a piece of aluminium I'd love to see it when its finished!
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lol so's my friend. she's practicly tobi spazzing ---> :icontobidanceplz: and :iconyayzplz: like that waiting for me to finish it
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Gracias! espero poder hacerlos un dia
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Me gustaría comprar ese :)
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Este tambien me gusta eve por lo mismo de las orejotas y por ser color neutro xD;; pero el blanco se ensucia mas ;A;
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DX para eso hay maquinas de lavar, a mi en lo personal me gusta mas el negro solo porque esa mokona me cae mejor
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eske es porke yo soy la kuro uwu y me tienes ke amar :iconimhappyplz:
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-continuacion del otro comment- tu ser esta mokona uwu porke tu ser como angelito blanco y puro 9w9
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uwu awww

-continuacion del otro comment-

DX soy irritante?!
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