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Opening Commissions! by ryuuwho Opening Commissions! by ryuuwho
Hey all! So I'm really in need of some $$ right now, so I'm deciding to try opening up some commissions. 
Payable only in payapl~

Will Do:
★ Gore
★ I'm willing to do backgrounds, but additional prices may apply.
★ Most NSFW (ask for clarification) 
★ Anthro, human, animal, monster, etc, etc.
★ Help designing characters, I'm pretty flexible with that stuff. I would love to provide sketches and work to get what you're looking for.
★ REF SHEETS are also available! It would be a full body, full colored, back and front view, as well as a headshot and a couple details, if you want, for $35. I'll be getting an example up soon for that, hopefully! c:
★ HONESTLY most things, if you have questions just ask! 

Will Not Do: 
★ Intricate armor, mecha, etc, unless you're willing to pay additional prices on a case by case basis.
★ ...that's actually about it lmao

♥ Never remove my signature, or claim artwork as your own. Please credit me.
♥ Payment must be received withing 72 hours or the slot will be opened again.
♥ Please understand I have a full time job that eats at a lot of my time, but I will try to get commissions done within 1-2 weeks after receiving payment. 
♥ I will only start working once payment has been received in full.
♥ I will do minor changes to finished pieces, don't be afraid to ask, but understand in most cases I will not completely redo a piece.
♥ I will send progression pictures, and get your approval before continuing!

Thank you so much! c:
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April 13, 2017
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