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fiiiinal;ly getting back into making art! been so busy with my part time job and college ive barely had time to draw unfortunately :'( but i got the flu and have had to miss quite a bit of work so I'm hoping to continue to consistently post from now on! I'd like to get to the point where I can start making selling art/commissions a new job since I have a college tuition to pay for next year haha

anyways I did this in krita, its of a broken luna, and here's an edgy poem i wrote to go with it:

A bleak monochromatic world
Was streaked across her vision
Glitching in and out
around the points of convergence

It was a world of no movement
As if time itself had stopped
The wind was stagnant
Not a sniff of shifting life

An icy fist of frost
Suffocating her from all sides
She might have said it hurt
Yet all of her pain receptors were fried

The dusty scent of an old library
Clung to her skin
Like the frozen splattered array of beads
Of coagulated blood

She felt stuck—trapped
Yet beyond the flutter of anxiety
There was a guilty sense lurking
A perverse feeling of freedom

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