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Kirifukai Taiyou

I lie awake at night/
Staring off into space/
And I’ll be reminded/
That this journey/ Will one day come to an end/

Just like how this moment ends/
Without seeming reason/
I’ll too,/
Have to say my goodbyes/
To the journey I have traveled/

Where my destination ends/
I have no idea/
When I think about endings/
It makes my chest feel fiery/
And numbs my mind like static/

Even though I sometimes will/
The seconds to pass by/
When I think about/
How at some point/
There will be no more/
Seconds that pass by/
My heart seizes up/

And in that instant/
That will soon fade into the next/
I forget how far I’ve come/
And how far I have left/
And I’m consumed/
By this monster of fire/

Its flames/
Are fueled by my thoughts/
The more I try to break free/
The brighter it burns/

When will I ever learn/
The greatest virtue in this life?/
That knowing how to stay silent/
And accept the whims around me/
For as they are/
Is what allows/
True serenity/

A digital painting I created in 2019 of my original characters in Krita with my Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 in.
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