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Hanagasumi (Hazy Curtain of Flowers)

“…When I’m alone, the only thing I can think about is dying. But when I’m with you, it’s like this gray world is reborn anew in a spring of color––and I can finally understand why people have the nerve to endure such hardships when giving up could be so easy. I never really liked the spring all that much, even if my existence started on a spring day. My depressed mind always gravitated towards the monochromatic stillness of winter. But now, I can finally appreciate the beauty of rebirth, and giving this thing we call life a second shot. Having a friend like you––it’s something that makes life worth living for. So thank you, Luna, for finally clearing the fog from my view, and being that ray of moonlight shinning through on a cloudy night sky.”
A digital painting strip I created in 2018 of my original characters Suigetsu and Luna in Krita with my Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 in.
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