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Not every bad show is a ripoff

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Yeah, this is probably one of the worst things that a critic can say (also including Mr.Enter). I am so sick and tired of people trying to come up with reasons to hate something by calling it a ripoff to the point where you can tell they are just speaking from their ass. For example, some people call Johnny Test a Dexter's Lab ripoff. I'm starting not to buy into it because the reasoning behind sounds a bit stretched. An even worst example is when someone called Adventure Time a bad show just because it "stole" from Super Mario Bros. Oh boy, where to start. For one, don't you think you may be looking too deeply into this? I don't know, it's a possibility. Sometimes a chair is just a chair. Second, just because a a show shares some similarities to another show doesn't mean it's bad or a ripoff. So basically, learn to tell the difference between a coincidence and a copy. Just say you don't like the show and I'll believe you

TL;DR: Not every show/thing you hate is a ripoff.

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