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ZOLA Project

With the creative new interpretations of the three members of ZOLA coming out recently to coincide with the release of the voice banks, I thought I'd chime in with my humble version. I've ordered ZOLA myself and am looking forward to receiving my copy, which supposedly is en route from Japan!

I borrowed heavily from Umetani's version in terms of their clothes. The rest I left up to my headcanon as it currently stands. For instance, YUU is not the youngest member of the trio, in spite of appearances. This would be consistent with his voice, which is arguably the most mature and rich of the three. YUU works part-time as a waiter when he is not involved with ZOLA activities, such as planning meetings, rehearsals, and of course performances.

KYO is the leader of the trio, and also the oldest at 23. Though KYO is only two months older, YUU likes to rub it in by calling him aniki. By now, KYO hardly notices anymore. In his role as the leader, KYO has no part-time job, instead working full-time on ZOLA related activities. KYO is also somewhat of a clothes horse, and loves to make wardrobe suggestions for his two bandmates, which they mostly ignore.

WIL is the youngest member of the trio at 20. In keeping with the official material that his voice is foreign sounding, he is half Norwegian and half Japanese. Because of his part-time job as a bouncer at a live house, WIL works out a lot (and enjoys showing off the results).

And that's about it for now. I'm looking forward to more ZOLA songs and covers coming out, and have plans for them myself. :)

Thanks for looking!

ZOLA Project and the Vocaloid 3 engine (C) Yamaha

Pencils here:…
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this is the first drawing of the guys I ever seen on here. Good job :)
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I've seen a few other drawings of these three hoodlums, in other Vocaloid groups -- we will certainly get more now that they're released! :)
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Oooh, you colored them in much better then I'm attempting lol! The way you did those leather pants is superb ^.^ Extremely nice job here! (Missed a bit of background behind Kyo's arm though ) Very awesome job!
ryuusei86's avatar
>Missed a ...

*eek* :x

*waves magic wand*

Don't know what you're talking about. :D

As for the leather pants, I just copied from how Kei and Porifra did it. I already do enough editing with the GIMP that I might as well learn to draw and color with my tablet when I get home. ;)

*cracks whip*

Sing, manservants, sing! :D
Fashionablylatems's avatar

And very impressive work with Gimp! =D

It shall be highly entertaining hearing about your adventures with tuning the trio!