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AVGN fuck bomb

LOL I love that scene x)
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One of the best scenes EVER!  Just so happens, I'm seeing this in response to the rain delay in the World Series!

Game 7, tied at 6-6, going into extra innings, and THAT is when they have the delay?!  (goes to gif)
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"It's time to drop some f-bombs!"
The Angry Video Game Nerd starts dropping bombs from his mouth.
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me and you have something we both like avgn
Trolmaster's avatar
AVGN<(Uwouldnt like me when Im angry IT'S TIME TO DROP SOME 'F' BOMBS. FUCK ! FUCK ! FUCK ! FUCK ! )
Seldavia's avatar
Typical day at work for me
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I love that joke. XD
**** BOMB!
PepitoDoodlez's avatar
fuck , fuck, fuck lmao.
jorge573's avatar
It's time to drop some F bombs!!!
DeathGoddess1995's avatar
:rofl: I remember that review!
kmathel94's avatar
XD!!!! Always good for a laugh!
vocalink39's avatar
How the hell did I not get notified of this D:
Supersonicfan23's avatar
He's spiting his bombs out when he sez fuck!
theurbanwerewolf's avatar
with all the F bombs he drops the room should be demolished at the end of every episode lol :)
Psycho333's avatar
Awesome work here =D
NessWario's avatar
The Godzilla episode was epic!
ReapersApprentice's avatar
lolz he really is great
silks4ever's avatar
me too. fuck, fuck, fuck long live avgn
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