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Sharon den Adel Text Portrait

First of all I'd like to say that it took me about 15 hours to create this haha :aww:

Sharon den Adel is the lead singer of the Dutch symphonic rock/metal band Within Temptation. She's also one of the main songwriters and her voice is just beautiful!

The words and sentences I used in this piece are mostly related to Within Temptation as it contains names of band members, titles of songs, lyrics or other things but there are also a few nonsense words included =3

Proud to be Dutch! :dance:

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Hey could you teach me how to do it, please???
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Hi :) I was wondering If I could feature this piece in a forthcoming issue of my online magazine?

The FB page:…

Previous issues:

If that's possible, please let me know as I'd need a high resolution file. Thanks!

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This is just wonderful! Amazing! :D
TheEvanescenceBegins's avatar o.o
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Thank you very much :)
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It is magnificent
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she's my favorite, great typo
RyuuketsuEG's avatar
Glad you like it
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Just amazing! to my favs for sure!
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Amazing artwork. I love Within Temptation and Sharon :heart:
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Thanks, me too :)
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Awesome work :D
How did you make it? :D
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I see I misread your comment Q_Q
I read "Did you make it?" Instead of "How did you make it" lol.
I ade it with photoshop. I took an image and I remade the image using words only. So that a lot of resizing and repositioning.
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wow. that's really patient of you. I thought there was an easy way to do it XD
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Of course I did :P
And thanks :)
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this looks amazing!
what did you use to make this? I've been trying to create something similar for a while but can't seem to get it right O_o
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how did you do the text to form the face.
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Type something, position it, change transparency if needed.
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with an image behind it right.
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