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Pilgrimage of a modern day
It happened in our year of Twenty and Seven,
Four pilgrims and I went to a version of Heaven.
For there, in that place that we were heading,
A fate lay before us that no one was dreading.
Though our plans were different, we all journeyed forth,
We would stay together, for all it t’was worth.
So we did head to this hallowed place,
At the anime con we would show our face.
My companions numbered but four,
‘T’would be too expensive with one person more.
So into our metal chariots did we alight,
And took off to California that hot summers night.
Far from Vermont would we have to travel,
Hoping our dreams would never unravel.
The first of our number would foot the gas bill,
For she was a Businesswoman, shrewd and shrill.
Her sharp red suit was always at hand,
As CEO of her company, her future was planned.
She would haggle and dicker ‘till the customer was broke,
And of her riches was near all that she spoke.
Her curly brown hair was tied in a bun,
And it only came
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modern-day Beowul
After conquering the game of “World of Warcraft,” the level 70 player, known to his companions only as “Hrothgar, Elite Champion of Role Playing Games.,” decided to found a great forum. Thus, after a month of near-solid coding, Hrothgar had found a server host, and founded the forum, which he called “Warcraft Drive”. His 30 terabyte server became known to his beloved forum goers as “Herot.”
But one forum goer was jealous of Hrothgar’s mad skills at World of Warcraft, and took his vengeance swiftly. The forum goer, known only as “Grendel the Cold-hearted”, hacked into the server Herot, and banned thirty members of the forum in one day. Each morning, more and more members found themselves with a permanent ban on their IP address, so that they could never return to even gaze upon the forum hosted in the mighty server Herot. Not wanting to be banned for all eternity, all of the forum members withdrew their accounts, running to the Game
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Conformity of the 50's
They say you shouldn’t
Be yourself
You have to
Fit in with the crowd,
Don’t be loud.
You have to
Be just like
Everyone else,
Can’t make a fuss
When you’re in a rush.
Can’t be wearing
Your own clothes
Have to keep up
With the Jones.
But I ask why,
Why aren’t we free,
To be who we
Want to be.
Have to meet the
Standards of today,
Cannot face things
Your own way.
Why do we have to
All be the same
Can’t object,
Or you lose the game.
So tired of living
At this pace,
Don’t see why
We’re stuck in
This rat race.
No ones content,
Despite what they show,
Being like others
Is all they know.
Only a few
Feel free to rebel
But they’re still insecure
Despite what they tell
‘Cuz they’re only conforming
To the rebel look
Despite all the minds
That they may have shook.
Guess there is no way
To be one’s self
With all of these products
You buy off the shelf.
Can’t be a greaser,
Cannot be good,
There is no way
To do as you would.
But to b
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Can you see what I’m going through?
Can you see what’s behind these eyes?
Can you see I’ve fallen for you?
Can you see I’ve fallen for your lies?
Never look back,
Never look forward,
What’s coming for me,
I’ve never looked toward.
Envy and love are my driving forces,
As I am put through my courses.
Why I can’t see past my anger,
Is because she’s in love with you.
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“What is summer?”
I hear you ask.
It’s lying on the beach
While in the sun you bask.
It’s the dripping of an ice cream
On a hot and sticky day,
And the laughter of children
Who, on vacation, play.
Summer is the crickets
Chirping every night,
Heading out to Grandma’s
And your rockets maiden flight.
Summer is always lounging
In the sun or in the shade,
No matter where you stay
In summer you have it made.
Summer is the season
Where all is good and fun,
And it makes a child
Out of each and everyone.
Summer is the time of year
When everything goes right,
So relax and have some fun,
And stay up late each night.
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 0 0
The creation
I wish to be alone now,
All by my foolish self.
So that I may discover how
My heart is on a shelf.
I've never understood the world,
Because i stand alone,
My dreams will never be unfurled
Buried 'neath my heart of stone.
I know i shall never fit in,
Amongst these happy souls.
The way I live must be a sin,
No love, no hope, no goals.
I can never belong here,
In this world so bright,
But to find someone dear
I'll try with all my might.
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 0 0
Who am I
Who am I?
Where am I from?
What path am I
Following, and where
Will it lead me?
No memories,
No family.
How can I tell
Whether you're my enemy?
I don't know
What happened.
All I can tell is that
I've lost someone
Dear to me.
When will I find
Where I belong?
Till then, I must
Try and stay strong.
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 6 2
Worlds apart
You fought for my future,
While I am trapped in now.
Could we ever meet again?
You have no idea how.
As I did then,
I love you still.
Shall we meet?
I pray we will.
You'll live nigh forever;
While I must someday die.
Of you I hope
To catch a glimpse
In another worlds
Night sky.
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 0 0
I am the silent observer
I am the silent observer,
The one who never speaks.
I keep my thoughts inside me,
All throughout the week.
When the time comes,
I will break down,
And then I start to cry.
I know that those around me
Wish that away I'd fly.
Some day, from this I will be free,
And as a freak,
None shall consider me.
If only I could be released,
I know that I would be
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 1 9
Rebelling seconds
Magic and technology
That is how I came to be.
Livin' a new life,
In my dreams,
Wish I knew
What it means.
Made for a weapon
Never had a hope.
Rebelled against my maker
Making my purpose
To free myself
From this shackled life.
We're not them, we never were.
Don't judge us by whatever
They have done.
Tryin' to be ourselves
And finding out who that is.
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 1 0
A Note on Pants
Over the years you've probably noticed changing fads in fashion. I know that I have. Most of the fads have been harmless; some stripes here, a pair of pigtails there. But not all fads are innocent and carefree. One fad in particular can create a sense of panic and urgency in sensible people. I am, of course, talking about the way teenage boys wear their pants.
You've probably seen them walking in the halls of a high school, or dragging behind their girlfriends at the mall. One thing in particular draws you eye, and then it quickly forces you to pull away: His Pants. Boys nowadays are wearing pants down below their buttocks, revealing whatever boxers they happen to be wearing that day. The boxers, of course, are often low as well. That way, if they bend over, you can see the top of their rear end in all its masculine glory. Your try to look away, but you just can't pull your eyes off his beltline. Belts, too, are part of the problem. Boys wear studded belts that they find at Hot Topic,
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What comes of beauty
Gentle Beauty forms trust,
And obedient beauty forms use.
Elegant beauty forms creativity,
And mournful beauty forms tears.
Prideful beauty forms lust,
But devilish beauty forms chaos,
And what comes of chaos is the end.
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 0 0
Forbidden dancer
Grief flowing like raindrops
Hidden by inky darkness.
No matter, the dancer
Translates sound into
Her movement,
Her bittersweet tears
Hidden by shadows,
Shadows devoid of emotion.
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The writer
Spirals, like ingredients
For spider-like letters
Pausing in motion when
Set down on a page.
Intertwining blankets
Form mountains.
Writers block banished
On a musical night.
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La Japonaise
Fans adorn the walls,
Some lay dropped on
The floor.
Most show scenes
Of nature, but
One displays a
Geisha on it's front.
It is apparent the lady
Is posing, with
Her imatation
Kimono. It
May show simalar
Designs, but
It's make is nowhere
Near authentic.
Her pose is
That of an entertainer,
Perhaps one for
A samurai.
Now, one moment
Of pleasure
Shall last many
Lifetimes more.
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 0 0
egyptian wash day
The girls wade,
Trying to get the
Linens washed
Before their
Master returns.
A dog keeps
Watch, waiting,
Ready to help should
There be an attack.
One girl relaxes,
Playing a pipe
Before she must
Return to washing.
A reed sways,
Blown by a small
Breeze, which
Offers cool releif
To the two
Worker girls
Under the hot
Egyptian Sun.
:iconryuuanima:RyuuAnima 1 1


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United States
I need an outlet for my pathetic rants. Since I don't have any plans for showing this account to my therapist, I'll post it here.

copy-pasted from the El Goonish Shive forums.

I've been bullied since at least second grade. At first it was just this one kid who nobody likes, and he was awful. But in fifth and sixth grade, the first two years of Middle School, my elementary school and about three smaller elementary schools were lumped to together in one big middle school. There were a bunch of jerks there that still torment me to this day. They were always saying something like they had run over a cat last night, loud engouh that I could hear. They did other forms of tormenting me too, always calling me crybaby. I hate myself for being so emotional. They are part of why I can't learn to like myself. If I start being happy, I'm just setting myself up for another blow of reality that I'm a freak. Telling the teachers didn't do anything, either. All they did was a slap on the wrist and a warning. By seventh grade, I'd given up on telling anyone. It's weird, but I trust people online like you guys and my freinds on DeviantArt more than I trust people I know IRL. Anyway, I don't see the jerks now that often, (going into my 10th grade year), but I still see them out after school and they still torment me. I had this joke that I was going to 'take over the world with a squirrel army' in seventh and eighth grade, but everyone thought I was serious. Seriously crazy, that is. I don't really have any real life friends. I just have companions. Kwieskita is the closest to a freind I've had in a long time. The other drama geeks and anime fans are just people that let me hang around with them. I don't really contribute at all, except for the occasional meow or random hug. I'm sorrry if I seem selfish for this rant. I don't intend to annoy anyone on here. *slinks away*


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