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Commission - Initiating Familiar Protocol

Commissioned by :iconjdptheshapeshifter:. Still in his form as Raga, JD has the bright idea to be converted into an android in order to fit in. It... doesn't seem like the machine could do much with his form.

Does that mean it doesn't want to mess with perfection? ...Yeah. Sure. Something like that.

(Don't worry the future android conversions will be more noticeable. This was kept similar for comic effect.)
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your old here.
currently you are in wooly version
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Should I even respond to the things you say? Because I honestly can never make heads or tails out of any of it.
MinigunShooter600's avatar
hmm. yea.

it means ill be blocked?

:slap: revamp

Ryusuta's avatar
I am all about that hashtag!
JDPtheShapeshifter's avatar
*Breaks because I didn't expect you to say that*
RockinRadio's avatar
Iim a vampire so i have to ask , what would that machine do to vampires ?
Ryusuta's avatar
That'sd a good question. I'd have to consider the matter. ^^;
RockinRadio's avatar
Would the curse carry on?
Lightmaster677's avatar
"Just a thought..."
Hypraman's avatar
Amazing, as always :aww:
also very cute :love:
Ryusuta's avatar
Hypraman's avatar
Anytime! :lol:
ati-atile :wave:
gogeta17's avatar
i guess resistance is futile. i already figgered escape was not an option (hey, boba fett isn't dead. he DID survive the sarlaac (however it's spelled?)) so therefore i think i'll lie down and accept my fate.
CelestialRainicorn's avatar
Ha! Your dialouge never ceases to amuse me. Well done.
Ryusuta's avatar
geckoguy2704's avatar
How did he get there?
Katiecat26's avatar
Welp, u can't be always awesome can you?
Katiecat26's avatar
( the guy was asking for awesome battle armour, so I said
you can't always be awesome)
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