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I often use motif of a witch to draw.
A witch is very mysterious and unique.

made by Adobe Illustrator CS2
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© 2008 - 2021 RyusukeHamamoto
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I love the design! It's very pleasant to look at and I really like how the colors stand out!
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Super pretty! The line art looks great.
I hope you dont mind I suggested it to be put into :iconlovelywitchclub:'s group ^_^!
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How adorable! Good job!
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Wow. It's very pretty ! :heart:
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her eyes are marvelous!!
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oh! illustrator? super cool!
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thats sum beautiful worksmenship there yo
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That's pretty impressive considering it was made on Illustrator 0___0

Did you do it freehand/tablet? or with a mouse?
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great job, love it :D
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love her eye colour
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her face and hair remind me Tear from tales of the abyss, that's amazing! ^3^
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luv the pose and the perspective.!
I love the way you draw and color! I wish I could be good as you ^ ^;
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Hello, your amazing art was featured here: [link] :)
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This is so pristine, it MAKES ME JEALOUS! I <3 this!


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This is nothing like you other works, which impresses me even more!
The style is so simple looking, but yet, it's so... advanced.

It still blows me away, with how much talent you have!

I would love to have that skill in photoshop. How long did it take you to learn the techniques that you did?
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That coloring is the shiznit.
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I love her attitude, the angle, and the weird short gloves. :D I think this needs a little more color, though... ^^;

on a side note, I just made a skirt that looks quite a bit like her dress. xD
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