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I am so... done with the Chinese New Year lol

SO! some of my old watchers may remember the ox pic [link] I did last year for the celebration.

In summary, I've been working with a local organization for the past several years by helping them out with misc. activities annually at a local mall. Last year, they decided that I could make my own stand/activity, so I went with bookmark-making (for the kids, toddlers). And while we were at it last year, I put some premade bookmarks that I had done for sale, in order to make up costs for holding the activity. And it went pretty well, but a lot of people there suggested I should sell bookmarks that were... well, actually RELATED to the Chinese New Year lol!
In this image, I've compiled them into a poster styled composition.
note: textures are found from various sources over the years lol I think the kewords I used in good was "rice paper" and "japanese pattern" haha

happy WHITE TIGERR YEAR people!

Which animal are you? I'm a monkey C:

img is (c) to me - please do not use or redistribute!!ad;fkj
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OMG!! So cute! Loved it ^^ thanks for it =D
vindielein's avatar
Love it :3
I am a cock ^^
RavenLunaticArt's avatar
love love love this pic! im a tiger! and i was born in july so that makes me a leo.............................does this mean somthing!? lol very cute!
TheHopeOfTellok's avatar
Oink oink goes the pig right here. :D
Humanoid-Magpie's avatar
I'm a horsey
AnimeAngel0095's avatar
I'm a boar, baby! WOO! XD
But I have to wait till 2019 for it to be my year again...:iconwarstarplz:
*Sits and waits* :iconyawnplz:
leahboobear's avatar
i is a piggy:3
oink oink:3
well, boar, pig, wild snort thing .__.
DesertdustSariah's avatar
I love it!Im a pig!I dunno if its a pig or a wild boar...
SaruCharmed's avatar
You draw such awesome dragons! : D They're so cute! Only thing I don't like very much up there is the monkey. Btw, I'm a monkey too! By the Chinese zodiac and it's my fursona :D
NoEnya's avatar
charimg is it
anaclarabritto09's avatar
Im a Mouse
Yous chibis are really cute :3
DarknessTare's avatar
I'm the Rooster, my element happens to be Water, so in my language a Water Rooster is most likely the same as a faucet >.o You've no idea how much people bugs me with that, when I tell 'em ^^;

But I wasn't aware of the fact that we were in the Tiger's Year (well, the few days that are left of it), my deceased Grandmother, who died from cancer this year had the Tiger as her zodiac. Now I'd like to make belief that she passed away, because it was her year and therefore her time, that way it doesn't hurt as much..

These are some very lovely and sweet animals, seriously thanks for creating them! :heart:
Moogle98's avatar
Ah, so cute! <3
*is a rat* (It sounds weird saying it...)
Nat-Lia's avatar
I'm rabbit (though I prefer when people call this sign "cat") :P Next year is MY year ^-^
TsukiyomiLuna's avatar
this is awesomesauce!! i love the lil rat! ^^
catsquID's avatar
hnnng ryuu, this is too cute. =v=

ps, i'm a monkey too!
wafflerain's avatar
Asfgadashdgf- My goodness, best illustration relating to the Chinese Zodiac I've ever seen. Every little critter is so awesome!
...Must keep staring. o.0
Miraris's avatar
This is lovely~ I wouldn't mind having one of these as a bookmark. :)

*is a snake*
Laraloopy's avatar
Amazing! :D I'd love to have this as a poster or individual ones on bookmarks or something for sure<3

I'm a dog :3 Though at heart i'm a rabbit!
Lotus-in-Heaven's avatar
They all look so cute, even my animal the ram! :nod:
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im the ox C:
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I've always hated the fact that I was born on the year of the monkey... but the way it's drawn here, it's actually kinda cute. Doesn't so much remind me of the stupid, mean, poo-flinging animal that it actually is.
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