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Honor Trip Minicomic: Xenophiliac




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Yaaaaay, I made the midnight deadline!
Last in our lineup for Valentine's Day Honor Trip crack pairings, we have Ratsura & General Polaris.

Ratsura: :iconiloveitmoreplz:
Polaris: :iconimhorrifiedplz:
Ratsura: :iconpervy1plz:
Polaris: :iconidislikeitplz:
Ratsura: :icongrinfaceplz:
Polaris: :iconyouscaremeplz:

Dang Ratsura, you get creepier every time I draw you, you little freak.:iconfreakedplz: You almost have to feel sorry for Polaris - he employs this psycho, & can't afford to kill him, so he's stuck dealing with his antics.

A couple of notes: In Arcosian etiquette, it's not very polite to stand as close to someone as Ratsura is standing. Ratsura probably got into this habit because he's so near-sighted, but even after he got corrective lenses, he loves to make people uncomfortable by being in their face.

Phew! I'm finally finished! This has been quite the exercise for me as an artist, & I'm proud of my accomplishment.

Various brushes & textures used, all belong to their respective owners but I'm too tired to list them all now, trololol.
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