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Honor Trip Minicomic: Way to A Woman's Heart




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Way to A Woman's Heart
Cruel Dream

Ha HA! This time, I'm 2 hours early! How d'ya like me now?! ...Though, it's only because I took a few shortcuts in drawing this.
Next in our lineup for Valentine's Day Honor Trip crack pairings, we have #18 & Chiaotzu!

That popping sound was your brain overheating & melting down.:iconimhorrifiedplz: Trust me, mine did the same thing. I am a horrible, horrible person for doing this to you...but there's more to come, as we still have 2 days left to celebrate the holiday of love.

Poor Krillin. He can't catch a break, & in an alternate Honor Trip universe where no-one is safe, he's still a more-than-acceptable target. That being said, the Krillin Owned Count image was ripped from Google Images & slightly modified; I hold no claim to it.

To sort of explain the joke, in reading trivia on Krillin (courtesy of the Dragonball Wiki, I found that his favorite food is going to a Chinese buffet. I figure, if that's your favorite food, you're probably in the same boat as me, & either can't cook, or don't enjoy doing so. Of course, 18's a classy woman, so she demands only the best.

As for the picture itself, I must admit, I have a knack for drawing silly little details marvelously. The pasta & the broccoli in the first panel, I'm particularly proud of. Also, I nailed that stove, even without a reference! It probably resembles my own stovetop only vaguely, since I drew it from memory, & as I said, I am not a domestic goddess.

Various brushes & textures used, all belong to their respective owners but I'm too tired to list them all now, trololol.
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Chiaotsu you're older than her don't make it weird.