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Honor Trip Minicomic: Thick As Thieves




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I'm over an hour late, but that's because I went somewhere today, & wasted a few hours. >:^C
Next in our lineup for Valentine's Day Honor Trip crack pairings, we have Yamcha & Hasky!

Yes, Hasky is semi-canon - she's anime filler, but she could have been a cool reoccurring character, IMO.

Vegeta apparently doesn't like Valentine's Day & being forced to wear ridiculous clothes, so he's more than willing to vent by hurting Yamcha. He just needed an excuse.

Various brushes & textures used, all belong to their respective owners but I'm too tired to list them all now, trololol.
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Yamcha and Hasky ain't a bad combo. They were both thieves at one point or other (Hasky might still be), though Yamcha was far more upfront and unprofessional about it haha!!! :D