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Honor Trip Minicomic: Oedipus Complex


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Oedipus Complex
Gold Digger
Thick As Thieves
Way to A Woman's Heart
Cruel Dream

It's a little after midnight, but we can pretend I submitted this on time.

Next in our lineup for Valentine's Day Honor Trip crack pairings, we have our favorite bio-android & hero, Cell, & the lovely Arcosian Queen, Isa.

Fun fact #1: Isa is drawn not wearing any clothes. You probably just scrolled back up to confirm this.:iconstudmuffinplz:
Fun fact #2: Now you can join Frieza for therapy & brain bleach!:iconimpervyplz:

Frieza: :iconallcapsrageplz: RAAAWR, my mommy!
Cell: :iconlll-plz: Quit being so possessive, can't you see we're having a moment here?
Isa: :iconmhmblushplz: I still love you sweetie, but I love Cell more.
Frieza: :iconamgimcryingplz: ...My brain just broke.:iconsobplz: MOTHER HOW COULD YOU?!

Various brushes & textures used, all belong to their respective owners but I'm too tired to list them all now, trololol.
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Cell has the DNA of her son and wife, just to make things strange
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Poor, poor Frieza...
*laughs hysterically*
bruiser128's avatar
Since Cell has Frieza's DNA, isn't this incest?
RyunoOhi's avatar
That's part of the joke. What's worse is that he also canonically has King Kold's DNA too.
This is why it's a good thing Goku and Gohan never fused like they originally planned to
OH SWEET MERCIFUL SHENRON!!! Gimme the bleach! Gimmie gimme gimme!!! :starts bawling:
RyunoOhi's avatar
..chuckles evilly & hands you some brain-bleach..
YOU SUCK MAN!!! ROYALLY SUCK!!! :starts scrubbing:
crashman11's avatar
Please give me some brain bleach D:>
RyunoOhi's avatar
Oh hai Crashman. I see you've found the HT art I did. Here you go.

You'll need this.
crashman11's avatar
The awkwardness OH NOES 
crashman11's avatar
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RyunoOhi's avatar
:iconmy-eyesplz:  ..offers you some brain bleach.. :iconbrainbleachplz:
macobell1's avatar
i think cell may of just broken broke , but wait if cell was made from freiza and that's freizas mo- ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
RyunoOhi's avatar
Yup.  This is as sick & wrong as you think it is.  xD
macobell1's avatar
and yet somehow i still find it endering
devilkais's avatar
Cell is an adult ? It has been active for 2-3 years ... for 24 years of inactivity .
RyunoOhi's avatar
Meh, I count him as in his twenties, since that's how long he's been alive.  Besides, he doesn't (usually) act like a child, so mental age is important to take into account.  Arcosians like Frieza live much longer than humans do, & yet Frieza doesn't act his assumed chronological age, so you have another example of different species mentally maturing at different rates.  Cell was also probably engineered by Gero to be adult-like from the moment he was born.
The irony is that the younger a main villain is in Dragonball Z, the more mature they are. Cell was "born" six years ago(for him), Vegeta is in his thirties, Freeza is at least in his fifties, Majin Buu is 5 million+ years old and Beerus is older than the dinosaurs
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