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Honor Trip Minicomic: Lovebirds




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Minutes before midnight, I have managed to make a deadline for once. *gasp!* :iconlegaspplz: Now I remember why I hate deadlines immensely.

Anyway, for Valentine's Day, I had the crazy idea of doing some Honor Trip crack pairings. Trust me, Broli x Launch will be the most plausible of the group. :iconamericanvigor: AmericanVigor gave me the green light, & even helped suggest some of the pairings to be drawn. :icongenescritor: Gen also suggested some real zingers, which I'm in the process of planning & sketching.

So, for our first pairing, you've got Broli & Launch - everyone's two favorite borderline psychopaths! They really make a cute couple, punching out Tenshinhan in perfect unison, don't they?
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Poor tenshinhan losing his girlfriend to saiyans nappa and broli