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Honor Trip Minicomic: Gold Digger




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Oedipus Complex
Gold Digger
Thick As Thieves
Way to A Woman's Heart
Cruel Dream

Midnight! I think I'm getting the hang of these deadlines.
Next in our lineup for Valentine's Day Honor Trip crack pairings, we have Mr. Satan & Zangya!

With a guest appearance by Bojack, who for once isn't being villainous! Or is he? Mr. Satan & Zangya may disagree...

Various brushes & textures used, all belong to their respective owners but I'm too tired to list them all now, trololol.
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Well, call me what you will, but I actually felt pretty sorry for Hercule when he learned of Zangya's real intentions.

Then again, he should be thankful in a way, considering that Zangya could instead have been intending to have some sadistic fun before killing him in some painful manner.

Either way, this picture is great! Congratulations!