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Arcosians Sketches 1



This is a sneak peek at some characters to be used in the upcoming chapters of Honor Trip.

Page 2: [link]

Some notes:

Hagala & Hufeh are brothers. Hagala is the elder of the two, & constantly trying to tamp down on his brother's devil-may-care attitude. This often earns him some choice labels from Hufeh, namely "dour", "stick-in-the-mud", & "about as cheerful as a corpse". When he does show a sense of humor, it is inevitably sarcastic.

Hufeh, despite his bulk, is the second fastest member of the group (Kaji's the fastest, as the leader). He often jokes that he got to be fast to outrun people stronger than him who couldn't take an innocent joke. It's implied that one of his "jokes" got them into this outcast group. Hufeh is the antithesis of his older brother: loud, brash, & apparently careless in battle. He's fond of giving strangers demeaning nicknames, & instantly dubs Cell, whom he doesn't trust, "Speckle-bug".

Ignai is the oldest member of the group, & never tires of complaining about it. Whether it's how little respect he gets, or how things were better in his day, Ignai comes across as an insufferable person. In truth, he worries more about other members of his team than himself, especially Kaji. He has a mentor-student relationship with Kataba, who is studying to take over his position as head biologist. One of Ignai's defining quirks is his tendency to set his lab smock on fire...& when he does notice it, he doesn't quite react as energetically as Kaji & the rest think he should.

Kataba is the only female member of the team. She's commanding & unshakable when Kaji is absent, but around him her personality switches to quiet, hesitant, & taciturn. She prizes her custom scouter, which she tweaked to do more than the standard model, including analyze composition spectra (useful in her research), & assess hidden power in fighters. She is there as a scientist, although nobody can figure out why she would want to divorce herself from society willingly. Kataba fusses over her mentor Ignai almost constantly, & scolds Hufeh & Hagala almost as often. When the group first meets Cell & co., she is the first one to trust them.

Kaji is the martinet leader of the small, ragtag group. He's moody, unlikable, but ultimately a fair & competent commander. He got into trouble with the wrong people in the Capitol, & General Polaris, his superior at the time, gave him two choices to escape execution: join a stationary research team at the Pole to catalog & document the terrain & wildlife , or join a peregrine research team in a more hospitable climate, & do the same. Being sent to the Pole is kinda like being Deep-sixed & sent to Siberia, so Kaji opted for the more sane choice, & accepted this political & social exile with gratitude. He hasn't been back in the Capitol, or even civilization, for years, making him a keen survivor in the wilds of Arcos. His signature weapon is his sword, a traditional wilderness & war blade that is a combination of machete, short sword, & climbing hook. The curvature of the blade is designed to not only hook onto branches, but get around the bony projections in an Arcosian's natural armor, thus negating his natural defenses.

Also, although the sketches are inconsistent on this, they all wear scouters & armor of some type. Kataba & Hufeh wear basic armor vests, while Kaji & Hagala have one leg guard each, on their right side. Ignai, of course, wears a lab smock.

All character designs belong to me, but DBZ, its characters, & Arcosians in general belong to Akira Toriyama, of course.
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