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Chapter 39: Fellness: Part 2 by RyunoOhi, literature

Chapter 39: Fellness: Part 1 by RyunoOhi, literature

Savior of Demons Chapter 1: Revenants (Part 1) by RyunoOhi, literature

Savior of Demons Chapter 1: Revenants (Part 2) by RyunoOhi, literature

Savior of Demons Chapter 2: Famicide (Part 1) by RyunoOhi, literature

Savior of Demons Chapter 2: Famicide (Part 2) by RyunoOhi, literature

Savior of Demons Chapter 3: Discomfiture (Part 1) by RyunoOhi, literature

Savior of Demons Chapter 3: Discomfiture (Part 2) by RyunoOhi, literature

Savior of Demons Chapter 4: Exordium (Part 1) by RyunoOhi, literature

Savior of Demons Chapter 4: Exordium (Part 2) by RyunoOhi, literature

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🐲 Personal Quote: "There is no good, there is no evil, there is only perception." 🐉

アリが恐竜に勝てると思ったのか? - Frieza, Dragonball Volume 25, Chapter 295, p. 99 There is the girl who wishes to be loved, but never thinks of discovering what love is, what values it requires, & whether she possesses any virtues to be loved for. Who is she to judge? Love, she feels, is an inexplicable favor - so she merely longs for it, feeling that somebody has deprived her of her share in the distribution of favors. (Rand, 1961, p. 53-54)

Favorite fictional character: I am known as the Insane Frieza Fangirl for a reason. ᴖ_ᴖ ~✧

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Favourite Visual Artist
Salvador Dali! Fave manga-ka: Akira Toriyama-sama.
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LOTR, The Matrix, Jurassic Park, FFVII Advent Children, Saw, etc. I <3 horror flicks.
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DBZ, Dark Crystal, Bones, Criminal Minds, Deadliest Warrior, various Sci-Fi stuff.
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Rurutia, Nightmare, Evanescence, Linkin Park, various anime, etc.
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Atlas Shrugged, LOTR.
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Ayn Rand
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Pokémon, all GB/A/SP/DS versions. Oh, & DBZ, Okami, DOA, & Soul Caliber.
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I own a Nintendo DS, & a PS2. More recently, I now have a Switch.
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Le Pen brand pen, Sakura Microns, Prismacolors, PhotoShop, & a Wacom Tablet.
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Cosplay, writing, learning languages.

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Just wanna drop by and give you some well wishes, Roketto! SoD lives on forevermore!

Aww, thank you. Maybe someday when I’m in a better place physically & mentally, I’ll continue it. I do still want to.

Take all the time you need! We'll be waiting for your grand return one day in the future!

Hello, I don't know if you are still active or still interested in writing your fanfiction on the story of frieza, but I wanted to write you a little word of encouragement and above all of congratulations.

I'm French so I had to translate your whole story (sorry for the grammar of my message suddenly ^^').

Result I loved it, I read it all at once! It took me two good intensive weeks (between work etc) but I couldn't stop! Your style is fluid, the characters superbly respected and described and their exchange / dialogues it's great art!

I'm a big fan of frieza and your fanfiction is just pure happiness, I found myself smiling just by reading ^^

I have so many questions!!!!!! Do you plan to cover dragonball super arcs? Will Frieza find love? Will Kuriza exist? will we have fusion? A golden transformation ? Will we have a story about Arcos?

Besides, I take advantage of this message to ask you: I draw in my free time, can I make fanarts of your story?

I hope that your story will continue and that you will find the motivation and above all the desire to continue!

Courage for everything you undertake and see you soon I hope ^^

Thank you so much for your kind words! I don't know why exactly, but I've gotten a lot of non-English speaking people, particularly French people, reading my fic lately. It just makes me so happy that all kinds of people are enjoying my story! Wow, I'm impressed that you read all 60+ chapters in only two weeks! That's amazing, & another high compliment for my work. As for your questions...

Do you plan to cover dragonball super arcs?

I'm not a huge fan of Super, particularly its treatment of Frieza. That being said, there are some interesting concepts that I'd like to explore in Savior of Demons. We'll see where the story goes, & what's plausible, given how different the SoD timeline is from canon.

Will Frieza find love?

That's a secret. ಠ‿↼

Will Kuriza exist?

Another secret, but I will say that he has a part to play indeed.

Will we have fusion?

Probably, but nothing too crazy. As much as I love some aspects of the various videogame canon, some fusions are just too nonsensical.

A golden transformation?

Emphatically no. There will be no Golden Turd Transformation, because it's a canon-breaking plothole.

Will we have a story about Arcos?

Oh yes, yes you will... Ò◡Ó

Can I make fanart of your story?

Heck yes! ✧∀✧‼ There's nothing I love more! ôヮô

I hope that someday soon I rediscover my motivation & passion for this story, because I truly want to complete it. I have so many tales to tell about Frieza & his struggles in this alternate universe.

Thank you thank you for answering my questions !

For compliments it's normal when they are deserved! Your universe made me travel and dream ^^

Well I can't wait to read the sequel so impatiently, I'll wait as long as it takes ! (☆∀☆)

Courage for the motivation, it's true that it can be difficult to find! Sometimes it's just by period ^^ I wish you success in everything you do! If you want to discuss it don't hesitate (well .... after reflection this proposal of a complete stranger must be weird lol) (≧▽≦)

I'm going to try to make some drawings on your universe suddenly, I will allow myself to identify you and send them to you if you want ^^ (for the moment I try to work on the anatomy and to resume the basics of drawing, frieza helps me a lot on this (●≧ω≦)9 )