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Well, running into so many old and new faces here is really pulling me back! XD I won't swamp your notifs with ALL of the artwork I've done in the last while, but I've put up a few choice ones from this year to let y'all see the kinda things I've been up to!

So good to see you all again!  Here's to more awesomeness in the days to come! <3
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Hi everyone, new and old!

My goodness, it's been... a WHILE. XD;

It's been so long that I've gotten married AND moved to a new province since my last updates here, HOO!

Just so you all know, I'm a little more active on Tumblr and Twitter (username is ryukodragon for both!), so to see what art and shenanigans I've been up to lately, head on over!  I look forward to seeing you there!

However, if you'd like me to update more regularly here, let me know!  I've been so very very dead here so it would make sense that a lot of my regulars are long since gone XD; But if there's enough demand, I'll do my best to stay on top of things here too!

Thank you everyone!  I'll see you here or there, wherever you want to find me! <3
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Whew!  Hello again everyone!

I apologize so much for the delay, it has been several hectic months of finishing school, moving, and trying to settle back in to a more relaxed schedule.  I'm happy to report that we did it!!  :iconellavega: and I finished animation school!!

You can visit my Vimeo page to see both Fox Tale and Howie here!

Or you can visit my Youtube page to see Fox Tale there!…

WOW... what a trip that was.  From our sudden enrollment to our sudden return home and everything in between, the whole experience feels like a dream.  It was difficult many times, and it will take me a good long while to fully recuperate from the experience, that's for sure - perhaps even a month or two!  We were running on such a hectic schedule, having time to breathe is taking some getting used to! XD;

But in the end, yes, it was worth it.  We learned SO much out in Vancouver and we can only keep improving!  I have a ton of ideyas that I can finally realize in animated form, and I'm SUPER excited about that!

I do want to thank you all, for your kind comments and feedback.  These films might not have happened without your encouragement over the years!  It's incredible what can be accomplished with a few friendly words; I wish I could be more eloquent about it, but all I can say again is THANK YOU ALL! <3

After a few more weeks of vacation, I'll be back and posting sketches and ideyas as they come!  And to those of you who have sent me notes and questions, I promise they will be answered after the break!  I apologize for making you wait so long - once life is a little more straightened out I will be able to afford you the time you deserve.  Thank you so much for your patience!

Mucho amoray to every single one of you,

~ Ryuko
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Hello again everyone!

Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments and faves! Again I apologize for not getting back to you guys..! X3;;;

Just wanted to let you know that progress is underway for my film project - layout's all done and rough animation starts tomorrow!  I'll be working like mad to get as much done as humanly possible between now and mid-December so that Invi and I can enjoy our holidays proper.  My biggest hope is to stay on time and create something that will be enjoyed by anyone who watches it!

A little more time to veg... then it's tally-ho~~~~!!

Chao for now!

~ Ryuko <3
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Sorry for being gone for soooooooo long again!  School is taking up a TON of our time, plus the whole experience of living on our own for the first time ever.  :iconellavega: and I have done pretty darn good, all things considering!  We've learned so much and gained valuable experience, met some amazing people, and have a fantastic class.  On the other side, we've lost family, dealt with sickness and the joys of DIY indoor plumbing and managing rent and groceries, and simply miss the familiarity of home.

But it's okay - that's how life goes, typically when you least expect it.  We're growing and learning and moving forward with our lives and education, and learning how to take care of ourselves using what we have available to us.  With our family and friends cheering us on, near and far, it's not so bad. :)

I still have a few messages to reply to - apologies for taking so long!  Thanks again for continuing to stop by!  I hope to share some of the work I've done when the next opportunity arises!

Keep being awesome!

Mucho amoray,
~ Ryuko
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Three Sisters +1 will be at the Calgary Expo in the Artist Alley!  Come say hi!



In the midst of our convention preparations, out of the blue came a call from the school we'd applied to a couple years back, Vancouver Film School.  And long story short, thanks to a series of events, :iconellavega: and I are heading out THIS SUNDAY!!  We fly to Vancouver and start class right on Monday!!

This last week has been a WHIRLWIND of preparing, rescheduling, and holy-crimeny-is-this-even-happening, and I'm amazed my head's still attached to my shoulders! XD  Our family has been incredible at supporting us, and our friends are cheering us on from all sides.  It's overwhelming and exciting and everything at once!

Case in point, I may not be updating much again, at least for the next few weeks!  The animation course here is INTENSE and we'll be lucky to find time to sleep.  But I'll add any cool sketches and ideyas and doodles that I can, and will keep things updated here!

Now it's time to pack!  Thanks again SO MUCH for all your support guys!  Honestly, without your encouragement, we might not have even hoped to try for this in the first place! <3

Mucho amoray,
~ Ryuko
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Hello again everyone!

Sooooo life's been busy, of course, and as usual I've been a little bit behind on keeping this page up-to-date. XD  Apologies!  But the reason I asked about commissions so long ago is because...

My sisters, :iconellavega: and :iconbatlover800:, plus one :iconghostcrabdelight:, and myself, have a table in the Artist Alley of this year's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! (  We will be selling prints, commissions, and a few extra goodies to anyone interested!  If you can come by, say hello!  I'd love to meet you!

It's coming down to the wire already, and I probably should have said something sooner, but I got caught up in the preparation - including designing new prints and pictures!  I'll be posting a few here, and more as I manage to finish them! (So long, Sleep, nice knowing ya.. |D)

If you see something in my current gallery that you'd like to see made available in print form, let me know!

I'm off now to convert these pics from RGB to CMYK and restoring some semblance of color to them in the process! ;3  Chao for now, and thank you all so much for stopping by!  See you in a few weeks! <3
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Thanks very much for the warm welcome home everyone! :D  It feels great to post new drawings again!

I'm reaching out to you all one more time - now, I'm interested in doing some commissions, as a little extra income would go a loooong way for school (and seriously, shoulda thought more of this years ago...)  Trouble is, I don't know where to start!  Is there anyone out there willing to share some advice?  Prices, sketches vs full color, restrictions, etc?  I have some ideyas, like little $2 sketches - would there be any sort of market for that?  Anyone out there interested? :D

This will help me later, as I'm hoping that my sisters and I can get a table at a big convention and make names/income for ourselves.  Any and all input is welcome!

Thank you in advance, everyone!  Looking forward to your insight!

Mucho amoray,
~ Ryuko
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Soooooo there was another hiatus, and I'm very sorry for dropping off the face of the planet like that. |D  There has been a flurry of activity that I've missed here, and I doubt I'll be able to catch up on it all!

Long story short - the fact that we had to miss school for another year really took the wind out of my sails for a while there.  I tried to not be bummed by it, and as a result, I threw myself into surviving work and playing games and.. well, pretty much everything besides drawing!  Which is the last thing I should've allowed to happen, really.  And so, lately, I've been offering to draw cartoons for friends and co-workers and trying to get them done in the same day, just little sketches of their favorite characters and the like.  Over the past couple of weeks, I've really enjoyed it!  So I might just doodle some of my favorites and post them here - who knows, maybe I'll finally start doing requests!  What do you guys think? :D

Again, thank you for your continued support and patience!  I've definitely NOT fallen out of love with Megamind or Sonic or NiGHTS, lordy no.  Just another coupla months breaking away from artist's block. X3  I do feel much better these days, really!

Love you all, and I hope you're doing fantastic!

Mucho amoray,

~ Ryuko
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Hi everyone!

Thank you very kindly for your replies to my last journal!  I really appreciate your honesty and understanding! :3  That said, I will make an effort to reply to as many comments as possible - but I might not get them all in a good time frame. XD;  Please don't take it personal, there's been a lot happening IRL that has left me little time to draw and post!

One of those being... NiGHTS!  I've talked about a major project taking up my creative space, and I've kept it under secrecy out of respect for the other creators and collaborators.  But now that the trailer is made public, I can share it with you all now!  Check out the NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming promo I posted for more deets!  Any and every NiGHTS fan NEEDS to know about this spectacular mix, so pass it on and share the love! X3

As for what I'll be posting next?  Well, it'll likely be a mix!  I can't promise fully finished pics, so collections of doodle-dumps are guaranteed! ;3

That's all I've got for now!  Thank you all so much for continuing to visit and comment and fave, you're all too fantastic!!

Mucho amoray,

~ Ryuko <3
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Hello everyone!  I'm ducking my head back in to ask for your honest opinions before uploading any more work here, and it's something that means a lot to me.

What is your stance on replying to comments?

I ask because I read every single comment I receive, and when I reply, I make an effort to give you all a unique response as opposed to cut-and-pasting - I believe you're worth much more than a formulated quote.  But lately, and certainly coming up very soon, my free time is coming up a little short.  There are fanfics I'd love to finish before school, doodles to touch up, etc. etc.

But you guys.. my watchers, my visitors, my friends.. you're an audience I never thought I'd find!  You're all people and artists, and all so accepting of my work, and you all deserve acknowledgment and thanks from me!  I want to send you my appreciation, one at a time, individually, uniquely, but I don't think I can find the time...

Ugh, it sounds so horrible, doesn't it?

So, to that end, I'm leaving it up to you!  Please tell me if you would like me to reply to everyone, and I promise, I will redouble my efforts to stay on track and reply to you all.  If such a thing doesn't matter to you, then I'll stop niggling and worrying and posting worrisome journals like this. XD

As always, thank you one and all - I wouldn't be the artist I am today without you guys!

Mucho amoray,

~ Ryuko <3
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I am SOOOOOOOO supposed to be devoting 100% of my time to an overdue project that I'm sure I'm gonna be berated for, but now that this doodlebunny's been set free and the plotbunnies are tucked safely away in bed, I can actually focus on work! :D

Which will help cheer me up, as Youtube has sadly deleted one of my AMVs recently - a NaruHina video set to My Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru.  It was my first ever AMV and I received so much positive feedback for it over the 4 years it was online. ;A;  Now, it was removed to a copyright claim, and from what I can tell, it's the legit company, and out of respect for the copyright owners, I have no plans to contest this decision... even though it really and honestly sucks. X3;;  What can I say, I love my babies..!  If anyone reading this ever faved or commented on My Sanctuary, thank you so much for your support!  I'm really happy to have reached so many fans in one place, and even more pleased that you liked it so much.  You're all wonderful!! :hug:

That said, I DO have plans for a Megamind AMV!  Fanart, fanfiction, and a fanvid?  Yeah, I'm in this thing pretty deep. :la:  I hope I'll be able to post it without any trouble.  Fanvids are tributes to what we love, and basically serve as free advertising for the work featured!  And I'm making no money off of it - geez, if I did, I'd totally send it to the Megamind crew AND the musicians, they deserve it!

Well, here's hoping I can post it eventually, anyway. ^^;

In the meantime, I'm gonna share some amusing meme results with you all, and invite those interested to try it for themselves!  May I present... the Soundtrack of Ryuko's Life!


1. Open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. New question– press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool

OPENING CREDITS - Wherever We Go - Newsboys

WAKING UP - Mezase Pokemon Masutaa - Pokemon Kakeru Ka Na? (HOW EPIC IS THIS XD)

FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL - Nori Nori Nori - DDR (Apparently I get a good kickstart to everything?)

FALLING IN LOVE - Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins (Hmm... oddly bittersweet... XD;;; )

FIGHT - Dream Warriors - Dokken

BREAKING UP - Gulpo Remix - NiGHTS Into Dreams... (Yikes!  Sinister stuff! ;___; )

PROM NIGHT - Saviour - Lights (D'aaaawww!)

DAILY LIFE - Twinkle Park Classic - DarkeSword

MENTAL BREAKDOWN - Unconditional - Simon Collins

DRIVING - Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley (WHAAAAAAAAT :rofl:)

FLASHBACK - Hanging Waters - Ecco: DotF

GETTING BACK TOGETHER - Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim (PFFAHAHAHAHA!!)

WEDDING - Incubus - Alexander Brandon

BIRTH OF CHILD - Soaring - Sydney Forest

FINAL BATTLE - Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode

FUNERAL - Pride - Simon Collins

FINAL CREDITS - Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) - Sonic CD


What the heck do I listen to. |D  ANYWAY!  That's the latest from me!  Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to collapse and get ready to draw whatever's left of my brains out... I will reply to as many lovely comments as I can!

Thank you everyone!  Chao for now!

~ Ryuko
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Oh well, Invi's design wasn't chosen for the new Gorillaz character.  Disappointing, of course, but that doesn't make Grannevangelist any less cool!  Same goes for Eastevangelist - seriously, I'm considering making those two my Gorillaz OTP. XD  BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ONE AND THEY'D TOTALLY WORK TOGETHER.  Dinner and a shooting range, anyone?  Ah, sweet love!

Again, thank you everyone who voted and voiced your support!  It was a very long, sometimes strange haul.  We didn't get the ultimate happy ending THIS time, but there's always the future! X3  As for the Evangelist chosen by Jamie and the Gorillaz team - I gotta admit, NOT what I pictured at all!  It's taken me a little while to be intrigued by it, but after the initial surprise, I'm curious to see where this character goes from here.  Congrats to the winner!  I hear she's an adorable fan in Japan! :D

And UUUUUURGH this Megamind kick WON'T GO AWAY (not that that's entirely a bad thing... hurrr :heart:)- I still have the occasional doodle cropping up between everything else that I promised to get done a lifetime ago.  And with my job unfortunately stressing me out more than usual, it takes a while to work up the "get-up-n-go" to "git-r-done"... but I WILL GIDDIT ALL DONE!  And it will be GLORIOUS!

2011 has proven to be.. unexpected so far.  One surprise after another!  Thank-you flowers from a customer at work (for doing a menial convenience for them, I thought, but I musta done SOMEthing good!), contest results, being able to download shiny Pokémon at a Canadian EBGames (where was this when all those Mews were around huh??), shockingly warm weather for this time of year, and winning a spontaneous game of hot potato with a stuffed moose... heheh, I just can't help wondering what's coming next!

Anyway, gonna take a bit to try to get this Megamind fanfic out of my head, hopefully clearing out the plot/fluffbunnies, then catching some sleep before hunkering down to draw ALL DAY tomorrow.  We gots us some blowing snow coming through and I don't plan on stepping out unless absolutely necessary! ;3

Thanks again for all the love, everyone!
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:iconellavega:'s entry is in the Gorillaz final 12!!  WOOHOO!!

Huuuuge thanks to everyone who voted and helped her reach the top!  The competition was unbelievably fierce for the entire run!  We were going everywhere for votes, from online friends and communities, to handing out flyers in town.  WHATTA RIDE. X3

Now to sit back and let Jamie and Co. make their choice... whichever it will be, I know it'll turn out great!  (Of course I hope for Invi's! ;3)  Hmm, gotta get some more fluffy doodles done to chase off the fluff bunnies...
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Hi again everyone!  My dear sister :iconellavega: made it to the Gorillaz contest semi-finals, and she needs votes now, more than ever!

She made a wicked poster for her entry and a fellow contestant's entry - check it out here!… Links are there to vote for their designs!

Thanks so much for your support these last few weeks, everyone - I had more votes for my entry last week than ever before, and that means so much to me! :3

As for what's coming next here?  Well, there is that Gorillaz comic I haven't fully finished yet... and I've been bitten by the Megamind/Roxanne fluff bug (I TOTALLY CALLED THIS SHIP FROM THE FIRST TRAILER BOO-YEAH XD), so they may crop up too!  I'm going to be jumping into this super-secret-massive project which will likely take me until spring to fully finish, so any uploads here will be no more than doodles and sketches.

You're all so wonderful with the faves and comments while I'm gone! ;A;  I can't promise I'll reply to everyone, but you have my thanks and appreciation!  Keep being awesome - and dont forget to vote for Invi! ;3  Chao for now!
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Hi everyone!  Thanks again for your votes last week!  Unfortunately we didn't make the semi-finals that time, but we were still up there! :3

For the final batch of entries, unfortunately, Invi and Batty didn't submit entries this time. (They're still WAY more creative, I think!)  But I was able to sketch one up, so if you'd like to vote for "The Raven Familiar", just click here!…

I know there's been a lot of stink blowing around about the voting system for this contest, and to be honest, it's bothered me too - I even spoke out against it on a forum, and I fear that may have had a negative backlash on fellow contestants.  It was never my intention to hurt a fellow fan or to drive someone's muse into silence, so I feel I must apologize for my behaviour.  I'm sorry. :(

After all, contests should be fun for everyone involved!  And I've had a lot of fun coming up with new designs and challenging myself to step it up every week - even if one week was more of a disappointment than the others.  Eh, it's a process. X3  Let's finish this contest on a high note and show Jamie and Damon how much we love what they do!

And speaking of a high note... SONIC FANS!!

It's about a year old now, but I JUST discovered this wicked track on Youtube! -…

When Invi and I first saw the trailer for the Sonic OVA on Sonic Jam, I instantly wanted a full track to this theme.  Guys, this is as good as it gets, and it's AWESOOOOOOOME.  I've been looping it almost all day! XD  Go check it out!

Thanks again everyone, you're all amazing!  See you next week for the semi-finals! :D
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A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us!  We're really proud of Invi's entry - - which made the semi-finals in Week 2!  In order to make the FINAL round we will need votes for her beginning December 7 - I'll keep things updated here! :3

As for Week 3, we have more entries!  Please vote for us - the more entries we can get into the semi-finals, the better chance we have for Jamie to see our work! :D

:iconryukodragon: - The Sea-Lionhearted -…

:iconellavega: - The Wizened Yeti -…

:iconbatlover800: - The Living Beach -…

Thank you SO SO MUCH for all your support!  And Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my Stateside friends - stay safe if you're going shopping today! ^^;
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Hi everyone!  My sisters and I need your help in the Gorillaz "Evangelist" contest!  We've posted character designs for week 2, but in order to make the finals, we need VOTES!

You don't need to join any sites or give any information - all we ask is that you click on the links below and click on "Vote For This Drawing!" - every single vote counts, and we're up against some FIERCE competition!

The winning design will be the newest character in the Gorillaz roster, and will likely have a showdown with the Boogieman lurking around Plastic Beach...

:iconryukodragon: -… - The Prisoner
:iconellavega: -… - The Grannevangelist
:iconbatlover800: -… - The Bohemian Hare

Click here - - if you'd like to see the other entries and vote for them as well!  I humbly request that you consider the design and concept AS WELL as how nice the picture looks.  (It's not our fault - the drawing application on the site isn't exactly the most user-friendly, amirite? X3 )  We really appreciate your votes, so thank you in advance!

And as always, thank you very much for continuing to visit, comment, and fave my work - I don't know when/if I will be able to reply to all of you in the near future, but I see everything and everyone, and I less-than-three you all!
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....ahaha. ^^;

Every time I say I'll be more up-to-date with my comments and such, I get distracted/pulled away by other obligations/forgetful, and in this one case, injured! (Broke my toe for nearly a month, go me. XD)

So I'll just say it - it's busy, I can't always reply back on time, and I'm really and truly sorry about that.  I love all of you guys and want to personally thank every one of you for the faves, comments, everything!

I'm still working on that Big Top Secret Project of Epic Amazing Awesomity, along with sketching and doodling like KUH-RAZY.  You can probably guess that this Gorillaz thing isn't quite done yet, and I'd like to do a picture for Russel and Murdoc next!

After that?  Well, I need your opinion on something, folks!

I started doodling a Gorillaz comic some time ago, and although it's still quite sketchy, I finished it!  FINISHED.  As in the story begins, has a middle, and stops at the end!  Does anyone want to see it? :D  It takes place during Phase 1 and has zombies, guns, prophetic nightmares, dysfunctional family fluff, and if I can muster the gumption to finally watch it, some Dawn of the Dead references! XD  It's not likely at this point that I'll color it, so if you don't mind sketchy rough outlines, I can start posting... whaddya say? :D

Thank you a hundred times over for everything guys!  Never stop being creative! <3

Mucho amoray,
~ Ryuko

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I can't believe I actually finished the challenge - and I still have ideyas for other pictures!  A big huge THANK YOU to everyone who faved and commented on them all! :D  I'll try real hard to reply to your comments more regularly! XD;;;;

And as you've likely noticed, I'm going through a Gorillaz phase right now.  (SEE WHAT I DID THERE. *bricks self*)  Jamie's style is sooo different from what I'm used to, but it's given me room to stretch, yanno?  I've got plenty of new doodles to work with in my sketchbook now, and I'm pretty sure some of them will find their way here! ;3

That said, I do have this other BIG PROJECT OF HUGE AMAZINGNESS that I'm working on.. but I can't say what it is quite yet! When the whole thing's done I'll be sure to let y'all know!

Anyway, I should sleep now.  Thanks again everyone, much love to you all! :D

~ Ryuko
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