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30 OTPs - Hugo + Rita

By ryukodragon
OTP #23 - Hugo & Rita
Series - Jungledyret Hugo

Still lurking in obscurity! These two come from Denmark, and from two of the most excellently hand-drawn animations I've seen in a while! (Sadly, the English dub takes away from the magic, I find. |3 Oh well, no one's perfect!)

Sometimes Rita loses her patience with Hugo, and Hugo gets fed up with the lifestyle away from his jungle home. Regardless, they make nice and work together and make it outta some tough scrapes! Yeah, totally meant for kids, but Rita's so cyooooote! XD

Hugo and Rita belong to Flemming Quist Møller!
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Ryansmither1's avatar
that's cool

can you draw and make Rita swings on a jungle vine with 2 paws or hands and without loincloth for me please?

After all she's a fox
denniepennie's avatar
very pretty picture!! moonflower
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Sad thing either of the müüvies will ever be release in the UK subbed.

Or even dubbed.
Cerberusx32's avatar
Cool artwork. I'd love it if you colored it.
StatesToQuebec's avatar
this picture exceeds excellence, it deserves a reward. Sadly I don't have one :)
TehLislis's avatar
So cute!!! I loved those movies! <3
doragonsu1995's avatar
this is really good... i always loved Rita you just wanna hug her ;)
Saatua's avatar
Now that surprised me alot!
Well done, someone has finally been watching one of my favorite comics - in my lifetime. (Atleast their two first movies.)
Anyway, nicely sketched - how I remember them! :meow:

Oh, and sorry for the dubs. Danish fits them.
PurpleCow48's avatar
I like the way you drew them...the style is neat.
ryukodragon's avatar
Thank you very much! ^^ I love drawing cute lil' animals, haha!
PurpleCow48's avatar
You're welcome!
Hehe, yeah, they're fun to draw. ^^
ChevySuburban's avatar
Thats a wonderful style for them. :)
ryukodragon's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm pleased they came out so well!
LeosSquirrels's avatar
You drawn this really good and cute. The best recent Hugo and Rita pic I've seen, great job.
ryukodragon's avatar
Awww wow thank you! :3 I couldn't help it, they're too cute! <3
DanDrazen's avatar
I love the modeling and gesture here. They're not just posing for their picture; the interrupted movement is absolutely believable.
ryukodragon's avatar
Wowzers, thank you so much! :D That's one of the things I always want to improve on, especially with animation school coming up! :hug:
AnnVole's avatar
I agree with the statement of DanDrazen above. Best of wishes on your artistic travels in this animation school you mentioned.
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