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Shonen Mowgli

By RyujiOtogi
Woah I'm so busy ö^ö
There's a new pic from me and my newest flash XD~

As a child I often watched the TV serie from the jungle book and now I saw the beginning again on Youtube. <3
I don't know... but I like this Mogli more than the Disney version >o<
He's so cute >____<

Nya and now to the pic:
I like Bagheera XD
Even if his eyes looks feminine XDD~

So I hope you like it >_<~
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I will say, as much as I love this anime, Mowgli can be a total brat and annoying, but given that he is a young boy and had to deal with being torn about who or what he was, it's understandable why. He did grow up to be a fine lad and a brave warrior of the jungle. He is truly a creature of the jungle. He is Mowgli. He is more humane than most people in the world yet wild and fierce as any animal can be, maybe even more so. Seriously, with Shonen Mowgli you can tell he was raised by wild animals. He bit and scratches Bagheera that one episode. It was painful to watch in all honestly, but at least Bagheera wasn't angry about it. Still, above all else, he is a true friend to the jungle and those he cares about. I really love the relationship he had with those he loved dearly. The relationships were all very believable. I really enjoyed Mowgli clearly being loved on by his family and friends. It takes a village to raise a child, well more like it takes a jungle to raise a human child and it shows. I also love the relationship the other characters share with each other. They are pretty much a family and I love that found family stuff. Also, the show wasn't that afraid to show blood and death so thats something. I bring this up, because I watched the dub. Maybe it's just me but I felt like there was one moment where they changed it with the dub. Oh I am sure they changed several things, but this one really sticks out to me, because I am sure this isn't the case. I'm talking about what happened to the girl in Bagheera's back story. Correct me if I am wrong, but she is actually died didn't she, despite in the dub, Bagheera states that he didn't know what happen to her. Another notable thing that might be only in the English dub that caught my attention was the inclusion of Christianity elements. It was the human family that accepted Mowgli in their lives that believes in God. I wonder if it is due to the time period when the anime was released and didn't want kids to hear about Indian religion or this could be a reference to the British controlling India for a long while. It's pretty interesting.

Bagheera is defiantly one do my top favorites from the show. I just want to hug the darn panther. He is sometimes grumpy and a bit proud, but overall, he is gentle, kind, smart, brave, and a very loyal friend. He is also modest at times too.

Kichi is a cutie. I just love how Wolf pack and those affiliated with them pretty much agreed once Mowgli took care of him, "Yep, this red panda child so one of us now." He is like a little brother to Mowgli, and I think the red panda sometimes rides on the other bigger animals. I mean, in the intro, Kaa let the little guy slide on him and be on top of his head. It's pretty cute. X3 The possibility Kichi may have inspired Ponya, a red panda from the CGI show series of the Jungle Book makes me happy.

I could continue to gush about the rest of the cast, but we be here all day. I want to end it off by telling while this piece is pretty old, I still think it looks great. :)
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I agree. This is a great version of Mowgli and you dida n awesome job on him :)
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The Jungle Book 2010-2015 Episode 19 "The Jungle Tour"
Mowgli the Man Cub
Bagheera the Black Panther
Ponya the Red Panda
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What do you guys think about a reboot of Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli?
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Nice I'm watching the series on YouTube
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Kiki and Timon would look cute together
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Can you please do a picture of Mowgli with Jumeriah Rikki Bagheera Luri Kichi Baloo Sura Akru Lala and Kaa?
Woops. Link did not work. Here it is...

Hello. Do you mind if I add this drawing to a group I joined? He is a link to the group....


It's all about the jungle book.
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I loved this series sooo much, way better than Disney's version.. And thats saying something O_O
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Nice one!!Good coloring
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I remember watching an animated Jungle Book movie, where Baghira WAS female.
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This series is on in English. I just started watching it and I love it!
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Yep is a red panda

His name is Kichi and is one of Mowgli's friends.
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Wow...I really must see this series now.

Excellent job, I'm really digging the style. Especially Bagheera.

And is that a red panda? Awesome!
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- Faints -


i <3 you!
I hate to be a pain and I'm sorry about this but Baghira name is English is Bagheera. You did a very good job at drawing this though.
Wow! You did great in drawing this! I am a big fan of that show too. I hope to be able to translate it into English subtitles one day. I just need to learn Japanese first though! Lol! Oh, and P.S. his name is spelled Mowgli in English.
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