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FV 5120 Grendel



Been a while since I did Anno Astra material...

FV 5120 Grendel

The Grendel was designed by BAe Land Systems in response to a Commonwealth specification for a medium/heavy demi-suit with an emphasis on reliability & low operating costs; it was to be easily repaired and maintained, even in an environment with a low technological base. It would also be made available for foreign export, especially to independent contractors & frontier worlds on friendly terms with the Commonwealth.

A steady seller, the Grendel had good performance for its weight & cost bracket. Armor construction was pretty conventional—-the usual sandwich of commonly available cermet composites interlaced with polymers supported by a nanotube mesh. The torso’s armour was quite thick, though, giving it greater survivability in comparison to other demi-suits of similar height. The number of universal hardpoints gave it decent mission flexibility and its hybrid turbine system provided the power-to-weight ratio needed to handle steep, broken terrain. The length of its arms, which proved to be of great value in negotiating difficult terrain, gave it the nickname of ‘Gibbon,’ from its resemblance to the Earth primate.

The Grendel in the illustration is the personal demi-suit of Captain Kellen Corrigan, of the mercenary company “Irish Luck.” Most of its hardpoints are empty, with the exception of a missile pod occupying the dorsal mount. The handheld weapon is a 50mm coil-launcher which fires explosive rounds tipped with tandem EFP warheads. The captain himself wears rigid torso protection, vambraces & greaves over his soft-armour overalls. The synthetic environment helmet is a commercial design which is fully compliant with League standards. It is not known who ‘Greta’ refers to.
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its a very nice artwork
i love all that sci fi stuff and your mech design is very pro
the coments are of your own or its based on some novels?
hope your answer and keep up the good work