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BMT-21 Medved'



Another demi-suit from Anno Astra...

BMT-21 Medved'

A typical product of the Ekaterinian Hegemony’s state-run arms manufacturers, the BMT-21 Medved’ was a rugged, simple machine, very durable and easy to operate and maintain. Its components could be manufactured using a number of different processes, and their individual specifications allowed for a degree of tolerance such that substitutions could be made with little or no loss in overall performance. This adaptability also made it suitable for production with relatively low levels of technology, to the point that many backwater systems could actually set up the tooling needed to manufacture them (after paying the licensing & royalty fees, of course). This also served to drive down its costs.

Unfortunately, its strength was to be its weakness. The base model of the Medved’ was very basic, indeed. The amount of control & feedback lag, while acceptable for a civilian machine, was a nagging, uncomfortable delay in the heat of combat. The loose tolerances were a hindrance to precision maneuvers. Even the operator’s compartment lacked proper NBC protection—or a proper environmental control system, for that matter. Operators would often leave the entry hatch open in hot weather for added ventilation, a practice which had led to unnecessary losses in the past. While many of these issues could be easily rectified with the installation of additional equipment, the majority of buyers opted not to spring for the added expense that these ‘extras’ & ‘value-added’ models brought.

Depicted is a Medved’ in service with “Vasily’s Bogatyri,” a mercenary unit comprised mainly of former Hegemony military personnel. As can be seen, the torso plates are quite thick and offers good protection against ballistic & directed-energy weapons. The hip joints are exposed, but applique armour plates usually cover these on combat missions. Even though the operator is housed in the torso, traverse at the waist junction is limited. The rear armour skirt has been modified to function as an auxiliary radiator/air intake. The handheld weapon is an AG-43 Abramov. The operator is wearing cold-climate gear beneath his protective armour. His protective hood has an integrated synthetic environment visor and air filtration/humidifier/heating system.

Medved’ demi-suits in Hegemony service are often referred to as “Misha.”

Abramov - Galinski 43mm rocket-assisted coilgun. This is a low-powered coilgun manufactured by the Hegemony and characterized by low recoil and sustained automatic fire capability. After exiting the barrel, the 43mm rounds are accelerated to higher velocities by a solid-fuel rocket booster motor. The round itself is a high-density rod penetrator surrounded by a fragmenting high-explosive sleeve. It is most often used by Hegemony demi-suits, client-states & mercenary forces based in the Hegemony. While its method of operation allows for fully automatic, sustained fire, this must be weighed against increased visual, heat and audio signatures. Ammunition capacity suffers as well from the longer, heavier rounds.
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