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tron object dock icons

By ryujin2490
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HEY i Gave you a freebie! LOL, thanks!!!

Please comment or :+fav: if you like it

original icons template by :iconpowic:
original creator and template by :iconpowic:
this was originally for iphone, but you can make your own icons from the template for your desktop objectdock, i think lol

I am not the original creator of this icons, i just used the template by :usernamepowic: and made more icons out of it

cool way to customize your desktop

the zip contains a .dockzip for your objectdock and a psd file so you can just copy it

If you have object dock you can download the .dockzip file and use it in you objectdock

Ive also added the PNG files in the zip file,
© 2011 - 2021 ryujin2490
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brilliant thnx
What do you mean by copy it? i cant figure out how to put them on the dock.
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i like your icons xD
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hey bro any chance you can let me use the template or point me to where it is thanks good work
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oh sweet! thanks!
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are there any that can be used to replace the icons on a windows XP desktop?
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hmm. I think you can convert it to .ico on some free sites? not surem, but if you use this on docks it will be cool!
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So I see the blank icon for use in PS, but whats the font/style/effect you have going on?
can you add more icons for it?
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Yes, I like this. I like this very much.
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also dont forget to check the original makers icons ^^
can i put these on a theme and put it on cydia for free if im allowed ? if not i will just use them for my iphone
ryujin2490's avatar
sure just dont forget to link back or credit me, cause I also have to credit the original creator,,
looks really good. is there a .png version of the icons at all?
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dont worry I have already added the png's.
I didn't think of it till you asked me so thank you too 6_6
you sir are a gentleman. thanks and keep it up!
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fantastic! i searched for something like this for weeks :)
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wow, nice... check also the links for the original maker of the icon, i just used his template and made icons of programs which I often use.. thanks
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