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Natsuno-Toru BFFs stamp

Okay and some official BFF art of Toru and Natsuno of Shiki for the non-yaoi/slash fans LOL

Again they have a wonderful bromance.

Natsuno, Toru and Shiki belong to Fuyumi Ono (Original writer) and Ryu Fujisaki (Manga creator)
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I love thiiss, and the anime is just epic. :D
Just so you know, watching it in the dead of night when you're alone in the house with all the lights off is not a good idea. XD
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XDDDD I would imagine not! OMG I watch it during the day if I can. it still scares me. The anime is so well done.
OchiKiMochi's avatar
they are rather cute. I'll have to check this one out too <3~
ryuchan's avatar
DO IT! It's an awesome show. It's made me love Vampiresque stuff again. Goes back the basics of the horror genre really and makes me scared. I love it!
OchiKiMochi's avatar
vampire stuff makes me smile as long as they don't sparkle.
Anime vampire stuff makes me a very happy chrissy.
-desires horror-
ryuchan's avatar
OMG you'll love this then. They do a damned good job of making this scary and awesome. And there's no sparkling. Not even close.
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