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Junkyard Quest

The quest over at Digimon-Arcana, to help Liollmon collect some cool items from the junkyard. Lia and Zeke, on rocky ground since the memorable occasion where Lia nearly broke Takeru's jaw and then went after Zeke, decided to try and work out their differences by helping.

This devolved into Lia punching some Roachmon, Pepsa absolutely ruining their day, Byodramon acting as bait, and Zeke making sure Liollmon didn't get crushed. Good times were had by all.

The layout and lineart were done by the wonderful spud133 who does a much more dynamic and exciting job of it than I do. (Also the creator of Zeke and Pepsa)
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It's hard to pick a favorite part amongst all the chaos happening. Liollmon's 'why does this keep happening?" stare, Zeke having to lug his butt out of there. Or Lia punching Roachmon, or the fact it seems like she did it because it ate the tiny Byodramon. Spud did a great job on the composition and lines, readable fun action, and fun expressions.  The coloring does well in showing that they're in a garbage heap with all the greys and scattered bits of other hues. Pops out from the green of the cleaner nature surrounding the junk pile. 
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Aww, thanks so much for all the kind words!

I adore Spud's lines. Such clear, lovely expressions, and I didn't have to stop and ask once what any little piece was.
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who needs digimon! I'll beat them up myself!
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Yeah, that sums up Lia pretty good.