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Grand Conference 1

Sooo...  I finally had the desire to draw something. I knew I needed to draw a fight with a League Champion for this event... totes forgot it had to be a CURRENT Champion. Damn it. Literally didn't realize Blue wasn't head of the Indigo League until I went to click submit.

Up to the mods at The-IPL to accept this or not. Oops.

I'm actually pretty pleased with it otherwise, though.
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Love that fire from your Houndoom!

Great choice in battle perspective too! :la:
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Thanks so much!
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Naw, I don't think it'd be such a pain with current generations with the proliferation of dark types and the special/physical split. But in first generation (with young me that thought spamming Drill Peck was the solution to everything)? That thing DESTROYED me. XD I didn't fight Blue in Moon so I don't know what his teams like currently
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The trick is a Beedril, one fast enough to hit with Twinneedle. Or, you know... just smash it in the face with a Tauros or something. Hilariously low physical defense, even back then.

But yeah, I figured it was fitting for her to try and challenge the leader of the League she actually once participated in.
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I like the fire effect!
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I was so pleased with it.
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It is wonderful!
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