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For SaberinBlue

EDIT- Candace is now dyed blonde as she should be, and Frostbite's random icy bits now exist.

So... I've been following this Nuzlocke for a crazy long time, well before SABERinBLUE got a Deviantart account. And I've been meaning to do some colouring of the spectacular, intense lineart for almost an embarrassingly long time.
The original page is here:…

So here we finally are, with a scene of Candace in the Indigo Plateau, where the Elite Four are less than happy to see her. Five of Candace's six Pokemon are out and ready to destroy everything, Janine is trying to convince her otherwise.

Saber, I am really sorry if the colours are not at all what you had in mind. I tried to stick with Venomoth/official colours for Janine, Female Protagonist hair and skin for Candace... and more or less official colours for your Pokemon, although colours may not be exactly where you intended them to go. If you like, please do let me know what needs to change, I still have the main colour file saved.

For anyone who ISN'T following Apocalypse Jhoto, you should really go do that. Like, totally go do it NOW!
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Beautiful coloring.
Ryua's avatar
Aww, thanks! If you have the time, I highly recommend the comic. You'll never see Pokemon in the same way again.
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Oh I hadn't seen your description. Uh...Candace is blonde? Well, dyed blonde. That's all I'd change. I always envisioned the bumps on Frostbite's shoulders, forearms, thighs, and there are some on her calves as well that were only faintly lined in this page, as being actual ice, (you can see it spike out in crystals while she's dueling with Janine later) but I'm really not sure if that would work design-wise given that you've colored her as an actual Jynx, which had never occurred to me but makes...honestly more sense. I originally designed Jynx that way after a conversation about pokeclothes and how much they annoy me, and this design is what I envisioned a Jynx might look like without the weird gown thing on. But I never once considered what color any of it would be so heh, your guess is as good as mine.
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I vaguely thought she might be blonde, but I couldn't for the life of me remember where I got that from. Plus, she's been through a few changes, for all I know she's gone grey already.

Ooooh, I like the idea of the ice. I might play with that... maybe not have it full ice, but frosted over. I shall see! And let you know when I update the colours.
SABERinBLUE's avatar
Oh and the knees, like the center of them!
Ryua's avatar
I was unsure about them, and the boobies. Do Jynx actually have breasts? They lay eggs, after all, like most Pokemon...

The idea of kneecaps made of ice makes my own knees ache.
SABERinBLUE's avatar
I...heh. I was thinking about that. Probably, I think it makes as much anatomical sense as any of the fucking design.
SABERinBLUE's avatar
Probably meaning the boobs being ice. As cold as a Jynx's teat...
Ryua's avatar
Best expression ever.
SABERinBLUE's avatar
Oh god oh god oh god oh god

Thank you so much this is amazing.

Now for some musings as well, because this is making me realize a few things. Holy lord I NEVER think about color ever. I never once imagined what Frostbite would look like in color and I mean, of course she'd be red, that's what Jynxes are. The other major thing is man, color makes the eye pop all over this page. It makes the page more chaotic in a way that I really like, but probably wouldn't have had the wherewithal to compose and design myself. Very, very interesting. The sword's scabbard was kind of my focal point for the page and I emphasized it with crisp detail, and counterpointed it with the detail on Candace's thigh to have them be, you know, opposing. The interesting thing about that is that here, with the way it's colored, the tip of the scabbard pops out far more than the rest of the detail, and the holes in Candace's pants make those two patches of skin pop out to counter it. The result is an emphasis of her individual vulnerability, which is something I always try to underscore when I can, and an emphasis of Janine's physical presence and power. Another note is that I probably wouldn't have ever noticed that the scabbard/ Candace's thigh were compositional focal points if the color hadn't picked them out more to me. Hm.

I could go on like this for reams and reams but I'll cut it here. I fucking love this, thank you so much.
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You have such a lovely way with black and white and texture that colour isn't really necessary. Me? Colour is the only way my shit looks pretty. I suppose Frostbite's legs could have stayed the same purple-black as her arms, hmm... I decided I liked the way the ice patches looked so much that I just switched them all over. So Candace and Frostbite are good to go now.

This was seriously so much fun to do. I've coloured quite a bit of lineart over the years, but this piece really has SO much thought put into it.

Also, if you want to stick this in your gallery, you're welcome to. Don't feel like you need to, though.
SABERinBLUE's avatar
My gallery is...kind of fucked, like, I don't want to put anything but the comic in there and that's like, including extra art from me, because I think it's really important for readers to be able to maintain the flow of the story and I fucking literally do not have time to add all of my comic pages to their own gallery folder or...whatever. I have no clue how to DA. Point is, only thing stopping me from adding this to my gallery is something that stops me from adding my own stuff to my gallery.

This is just so cool.
Ryua's avatar
There is a way to make folders, but I did it long enough ago that I don't remember how to do so. It should be an option when looking at your gallery. Then all of your comic stays where it is, and extras go into folders.

The flow of your comic is important to keep clear though, you're right.
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