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How to make a Porg in 9 easy steps. Part 2 by ryu-ren How to make a Porg in 9 easy steps. Part 2 :iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 0 0 How to make a Porg in 9 easy steps. Part 1 by ryu-ren How to make a Porg in 9 easy steps. Part 1 :iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 0 0
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Adventures in cooking-
"Do NOT let your house-mate cook if they have a sinus infection.
You see sinus infections wreak havoc on both your sense of smell and taste. So my house-mate would add some chili powder to the rice for dinner but since she couldn’t taste anything when she ate it she just kept adding more and more. When it still failed to register on her taste buds she started adding red pepper flakes, curry powder and various other spices.
She finally gets something that she can taste and serves it with dinner completely ignoring the fact that it by the point the rice is 2/3 rice and 1/3 fire.
She was pretty surprised when I started choking on it. Two glasses of water, a piece of salmon, one brownie and a tall glass of milk later my mouth still feels like a tried to eat a live coal off a camp fire.
Note to everyone out there. Eat food made by people with no taste buds at your own risk. "
(I’m at the movies with a friend and unlike some people I turn my phone off durin
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Top 10 Disney Songs From Animated Movies by ryu-ren Top 10 Disney Songs From Animated Movies :iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 4 2 Describe Yourself In Three Fictional Characters by ryu-ren Describe Yourself In Three Fictional Characters :iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 0 0 Favourite Movies By Genre by ryu-ren Favourite Movies By Genre :iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 0 0 TARDIS Gingerbread House by ryu-ren TARDIS Gingerbread House :iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 4 1
Writing a Sestina
I hate writing this poem.
I like to write, don’t get me wrong,
But I do not like writing this sestina.
It’s hard to manage, you know?
To come up with a poem that is whole,
How am I to pull this out of thin air?
This thing makes me want to swear.
What idiot invented this kind of poem?
So picky about what’s right and wrong,
How do you make it not full of holes?
No matter what I do they say “No. No,
That’s not a correct Sestina.”
6 lines in 6 paragraphs: this is a sestina.
6 words in a pattern; and you have to make them pair,
But how to do this I just don’t know.
Taking out the rules makes a much more enjoyable poem,
Just writing not worrying about making holes
And since it’s just for fun it’s never wrong.
I’m sure there is to a way that’s not wrong.
There must be a way to do a good sestina.
A way to see it as a complete whole,
But against the professionals how can mine compare?
Against these published authors my little poe
:iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 0 0
The first time we saw her I said no at first
Her paws were so big on her little body
And I knew that like my own large feet and long fingers
This was a sign that she would go from small and cute
To very large, very quickly
But it was too late; my sister had already picked out where she would sleep
And my brother already had a dozen names picked out
Not caring that none of them where girl names
Her brown eyes and her little floppy ears
Her tail like a helicopters blade;
Round and round in circles, not right to left like most dogs.
She won us over within 5 minutes
Despite all the times her tail whacked into someone’s leg like a fur covered whip
We took her home that very day
I was right, by and by she grew
We got her in the summer when I returned for Christmas
She almost knocked me over when she jumped up to greet me
Well it’s too late now
She is a part of our family, fixed in with extra strength glue
Sometimes I wonder what she dreams
She turns over in her sleep
Whimpers, an
:iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 0 0
American Poetry
American poetry
Whatever it is it must have
The grit of ether a hyena or a sloth
It doesn’t matter which
You posses a potters wheel
Or a broken mirror
Or a hundred fractureed reflections
Just stop whining and do
American Poetry II
Whatever it is it must have
The grit of ether
A hyena’s fierce pursuit
A sloth’s steady climb
It doesn’t matter which.
It is made on a potter’s wheel
Looking into a broken mirror
Or within one hundred fractured reflections
Just stop hesitating and jump.
:iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 0 0
How do you make a decision about a dead man?
The situation is complicated or maybe it’s not.
I’ll try to make it simple for you.
I fold paper cranes at work - simple enough.
I don’t do anything big or intricate,
Just folding scrap paper into cranes when I grow bored.
Walk in and you can see my cranes all over the room
Every desk and cabinet has one or two, some have four.
Green and red, white and cream, plus black, even pink,
Dark blue is popular and sometimes yellow and sky blue.
Actually there is only one sky blue crane.
It sits in Kenneth’s “In” box.
After he died I thought about changing it,
Putting a black crane there instead,
But I decided against it.
It seemed like the kind of gesture only a friend could do,
And I really hadn’t known him that well.
I can’t remember if he liked my cranes
Though I remember everyone else thought they were cute
And never minded when they turned up next to their computers.
It’s possible he didn
:iconryu-ren:ryu-ren 1 0
Night II
It’s after dark
The last remnants of reds and yellows have left the horizon
It’s when the evanesce of the sun is complete
First you see the glow of the fireflies buzzing about
Just as the earth turns away from the great blaze
Then the bats come out to play across the sky
Watch them dance in unbound joy as they feast
On insects and the freedom of the inky black
Look up at the stars sparkling like sliver sequins on a black silk dress
And the unclouded moon reflects off of the cat’s green eyes
Midnight; When you lay down your head to dream
Of what may come with the next dawn
This is the world of the witching hour
When nothing seems real yet everything is so clear
Wait. Soon the light will return and maybe you will understand
Because what happens in the dark is hidden but only until then
When the sun will rise, for the sun will rise, and the shadows will fade
The colors will return to the horizon, the fireflies to their homes
The bats sink down to the ground,
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I haven't posted proper art to this page in years. One of the things I wanna do now that I have a real job is take up drawing in my free time again. But it might be some time before I can post some of my new stuff so I give you the old stuff that I found when digging around trying to find my unused sketch books! I'd forgotten about most of this stuff. Some of it is unfinished projects or school stuff which is why I never posted it before but hey nostalgia.


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