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Autism = Uniqueness!
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Here's all my newest fanart/drawings!

Random Favourites

Undertale - The Undying Heroine by ichimoral Undertale - The Undying Heroine :iconichimoral:ichimoral 299 34 Undertale - Overtale by ichimoral Undertale - Overtale :iconichimoral:ichimoral 66 7 Temmie - Undertale by ichimoral Temmie - Undertale :iconichimoral:ichimoral 336 58 Cheshire Cat by ichimoral Cheshire Cat :iconichimoral:ichimoral 94 16 Undertale - Asgore's daily problems by ichimoral Undertale - Asgore's daily problems :iconichimoral:ichimoral 75 28 Undertale - God of Hyperdeath by ichimoral Undertale - God of Hyperdeath :iconichimoral:ichimoral 189 17 Undertale - Sans Humanized by ichimoral Undertale - Sans Humanized :iconichimoral:ichimoral 146 35 Underswap - Chibi Papyrus by ichimoral Underswap - Chibi Papyrus :iconichimoral:ichimoral 85 8 Undertale - Chibi Alphys by ichimoral Undertale - Chibi Alphys :iconichimoral:ichimoral 113 13 Sans Genocide Run by ichimoral Sans Genocide Run :iconichimoral:ichimoral 96 13 Finding Dory - Lost in the Sea by ichimoral Finding Dory - Lost in the Sea :iconichimoral:ichimoral 127 21 Undertale - Sans Temmie by ichimoral Undertale - Sans Temmie :iconichimoral:ichimoral 69 15 Undertale - Chibi Temmie Sans by ichimoral Undertale - Chibi Temmie Sans :iconichimoral:ichimoral 33 6 Fluffy Temmie by ichimoral Fluffy Temmie :iconichimoral:ichimoral 117 29 Gaster by ichimoral Gaster :iconichimoral:ichimoral 193 11 Undertale - The Fallen Goat Child by ichimoral Undertale - The Fallen Goat Child :iconichimoral:ichimoral 139 9
All my favorites from those I watched! You should go check these artists out!






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Anna/Gacha W.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
People's Republic of China
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FREE Snow Miku 2015 Pagedoll by rimuu FREE Bottle Miku Pagedoll by rimuu FREE Magical Mirai 2016 Miku Pagedoll by rimuu FREE Sailor Uniform Miku Pagedoll Megane ver! by rimuu
Hey everybody. Just cleanin' up. Tenks to Pastel--Galaxies for the dividers, and to rimuu for the Miku pagedolls shown on my deviantID!


-----///-----Autism awareness
---|||---|||---I'm autistic and
---|||---|||---proud of it... well not completely
-----///-----put this on your
-----///----profile if you support
----///-----or have autism

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Underswap Sans bouncy pagedoll! [F2U] by Daniela-Arts Sans bouncy pagedoll! [F2U] by Daniela-Arts Underfell Sans bouncy pagedoll! [F2U] by Daniela-Arts Horrortale Sans| C'mon I'm not gonna kill you, Kid by Daniela-Arts
Thanks so much to Daniela-Arts for the "Sansational" pagedolls here!

Nationality: Chinese
Languages: Chinese, English, French, Filipino (random words), Japanese (random words)
Fav. stuff: Food, drawing, cosplay, science, YouTube, singing, getting weird or whatever
Main fandoms: Undertale, South Park, FNaF, VOCALOID, Disney, Annoying Orange
Gender: Straight female (supports LGBTQ though)
Age: There's nothing you need to know. I'm just an adolescent.
Personality: INFJ-T (but very adaptable)
'Dere' type: Tsundere or Kuudere
Soul color: Maybe all? I'd say I'm Asriel, haha.
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FREE Love is War Miku Pagedoll by rimuu FREE Cheerful Miku Pagedoll by rimuu FREE Ribbon Girl Miku Pagedoll by rimuu FREE Mikuzukin Pagedoll by rimuu

Fav. FNaF characters: Pizza band, Foxy, Springtrap, Funtimes
Fav. UT characters: Dreemurr family (including Chara), MTT, Frisk, Undyne, Alphys, Skelebros
Fav. SP characters: Stan's gang, Craig's gang, Canadians, Ike, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey Jr.
Fav. VOCALOIDs: Cryptonloids, VOCALOIDs, Fukase, Piko, Yukari, miki, SeeU
Fav. AO characters: Basically all of them
Fav. Elements: nitrogen, oxygen, gadolinium, cesium, uranium, cobalt, praseodymium
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Maika_ by Ami-Magane Luka by Ami-Magane IA_ by Ami-Magane Rana_ by Ami-Magane
Thanks to Ami-Magane for the other VOCALOID pagedolls!

Friends (not all): :iconamen95::icongalaxy-livzzard::iconjulianaforlife::iconmarccurie::iconmadnessfoxywolf::iconteampikachu9945::iconstarglittergalaxy::iconchibikki-ikki::iconreesedraws::iconsxc-150::iconannonmyous::iconqiyuan::iconkuranaminamino::iconwander1456::icontsaoshin::icondragonpopfruit::iconfallingwaterx::iconcomicisawesome::iconpastelthebunny112::iconvanadiumvalor:

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Yan He by Ami-Magane Piko by Ami-Magane Tianyi Luo by Ami-Magane Miku_ by Ami-Magane
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By Wander1456: Love Letter? (Request) by Wander1456 So much Green! :GIFT: by Wander1456
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By comicisawesome: yuzuyukatrap [Gift] by comicisawesome
By JustinC1234: Turn that frown upside down! by JustinC1234
By teampikachu9945: An Gift for yuzuyukatrap by teampikachu9945 Please Don't deactivate by teampikachu9945
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Yukari by Ami-Magane V Flower_ by Ami-Magane Kokone_ by Ami-Magane Uni by Ami-Magane
Just feel free to thank me for anything, and you're welcome to drop by and say hi! Moving on…

Comms: OPEN
Kiribans: OPEN
Requests: OPEN
Gifts: OPEN
Trades: OPEN


…Seriously? I feel super demotivated today LOL.
Hi guys! Haven't been so active lately. School's actually pretty fun! 

And just saying, you can call me any pronoun you want. I'm fine with guy pronouns haha.
Does anyone actually think that it’s weird when I’m typing in proper English?
Even though I'm not into FNaF anymore, Happy 4th Anniversary to the first installment. :D
Now, this one and the Noble Gas Part will be the most fun ones!


9. Fiona Aishi

Element: Fluorine
Nicknames: Fi, Yan-Chan
Chemical symbol: F
Physical age: 15
Gender: Straight cis female
Description: Fiona is a yandere. We all know it. She's currently chasing Carlton and always gets caught in the process. She writes about him a lot and collects everything he uses. If anyone tries to fight her, the flames come out.
Fun Fact: She was based off Ayano Aishi.
He'll be mine. He has no choice.

17. Charlene Green

Element: Chlorine
Nicknames: Charlie, Char, Femme Fatale
Chemical symbol: Cl
Physical age: 15
Gender: Transgender female
Description: There isn't any other element as salty as Charlie. And I mean it. She is sassy and always thinks of the worst roasts to give anybody. Except with her boyfriend Nate.
Fun Fact: Charlie likes collecting anything green.
Wow. As if.

35. Brian Romero

Element: Bromine
Nicknames: Bry, Weeknd (he's a fan of him!)
Chemical symbol: Br
Physical age: 15
Gender: Straight cis male
Description: Brian's a real shapeshifter. Man, he can turn liquid at room temp. So he has that freezer that Nigel gave him (and Gallagher too). 
Fun Fact: Brian's favorite songs are Can't Feel My Face and Starboy.
BrO. Seriously?

53. Ivy Violet

Element: Iodine
Nicknames: Ive, I, Doc
Chemical symbol: I
Physical age: 24
Gender: Pansexual female
Description: Ivy's the nurse around here. She's never encountered non-curable diseases, and she's a very caring figure. Her purple smoke can heal anyone.
Fun Fact: Outside of nursing, she likes to have fun.
Hey. D'ya need to fix a cut? Or do you need medicine?

85. Asterleigh Turner

Element: Astatine
Nicknames: Asty, Ast
Chemical symbol: At
Physical age: 25
Gender: Says he's agender (but he's a male)
Description: He's shy, tries to be avoided a lot, doesn't really talk, and contains his feelings most of the time. When alone, hs true explosive nature comes out. Just don't see what really happens.
Fun Fact: His eyes can act as flashlights.

117. Therese Smith

Element: Tennessine/Ununseptium
Nicknames: Thessy, Ther, Reese, Reesey
Chemical symbol: Ts/Uus
Physical age: 17
Gender: Cis lesbian
Description: Therese is more of a free spirit when it comes to studying and stuff. She hates rules and structure and prefers chaos in her learning style. Despite all of this, she loves to help the other superheavies with math and physics.
Fun Fact: She dreams of going to Tennessee.
Howdy y'all!



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