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Incredibly Close So Extremely Far Chapter 2
The cold wind hit me like a bullet the moment I stepped out there. My breath coming in gasps, my heart pounding. I knelt on the cold icey ground trying to calm my heart down. I stood up. 'Mother Serperior is going to be furious at me for leaving the Mass.' I thought realizeing what the hell I did and the consequences of it. I stared out into the empty parking lot and went to sit down.
The icey bench was covered in snow and ice I shivered I fekt like an idiot realizeing I left my coat in there as well. 'Great just great'
I looked around I was relieved I was alone out here. The mass wouldn't end until 8;30-9:00 at the least so that could buy me some time. I then heard uneven footsteps behind me and the motion of someone sitting down next to me. I turned my head.
It was a man. He looked very.... weird
His ash-brown hair looked unkempt and it seems he had just woke up from a restless and deep sleep. He shirt was untucked and somewhat stained his pants, much like his shirt,were wrinkled and
:iconryu--sama:Ryu--Sama 1 0
Da Derpy Sketch! by Ryu--Sama Da Derpy Sketch! :iconryu--sama:Ryu--Sama 0 0
Under a Meth Moon
Under a Meth Moon
My mind is clouded,
infused with drugs,
Memories doubted,
Under a Meth Moon
You stick the needle,
drag it along,
I scream in pain
as my blood drops like rain,
Under a Meth Moon
The Poisons begin to rise,
Clouding through the air,
Claiming to my demise,
Under a Meth Moon
I scream as I am put to sleep,
By those drugs,
You made me weep,
Never to wake up again,
Giving into the drug,
To see you laughing like a madman,
Under a Meth Moon
:iconryu--sama:Ryu--Sama 0 2
Russia-Ivan Braginski by Ryu--Sama Russia-Ivan Braginski :iconryu--sama:Ryu--Sama 2 0
Incredibly Close and Extremely Far: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Panic
Is God truly there? Is it true he's everywhere? If he is there where was he when the fire started?! Where was he when, my parents were burnt and engulfed by those horrid flames? Each one like an arm reaching for me to come join them. Burning me scarring me, leaving permanent scars along my face. Was he truly there or was he just not paying attention to my sobs and cries for help. They say he'll help all the lost souls, why didn't he hear me, why did he not help me?
Are those Preists just guessing? What if the whole religion was based on an idiots guess? We weren't there how do we know that all that really happened? What about the Bible? What if that was just all a guess? All just not true...
As I sit there against the wooden seat my palms go whiter than the snow beating on the windows. Like a lone stranger, wanting to come in for something to eat and drink. my mind starts to think of a letter to Him. The big mystery person who will come and save us all.
They say He's a
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Always be there Joel by Ryu--Sama Always be there Joel :iconryu--sama:Ryu--Sama 0 2 Light and Dark by Ryu--Sama Light and Dark :iconryu--sama:Ryu--Sama 2 0


Nothing Good
I don’t know what woke me.  Some sound that had already dissolved before its vibrations could tingle their way through the layers of my sleep.  I lay there with wide eyes and shallow breath and waited for it to resound even as I realized that there are no instant replays for bumps in the night.    
Eventually, groggily, I realized that the bedroom walls were flashing.
I climbed out of my tangled bed and stood at the window.  Through thumb-parted blinds I watched my quiet suburban neighborhood pulse to a rhythmic strobe originating from somewhere beyond that particular perspective.  Still, I recognized its signature.  Ambulance.
I shrugged on a robe, stepped into the old boat-shoes I use as slippers, and shuffled into the living room.  I yawned as I pulled at the cord that opens the picture-window drapes.
Diagonally across the street---parked in front of the Fatal house---a Plainville police cruiser a
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Sorry guys just  have been lazy and haven't been on so sorry. I wish I could be on more but unfortunately I can't. My RL had been preventing me from doing anything. Lately I have been frustrted with my life and forgot about you guys so sorry. I just want to let you all know I will be on a 2 week hiatus (break) it seems like I have been on a vbreak forn a while now but I honestly don't know how longer I want to stay on dA. I can't get all my old programs back and I'm just having a hard time right now, I haven'tt had the motivation to draw lately so I apoligize. I don't know how much longer I can be on dA I have just lost some of motivation to draw. I'm sorry about all this damn crap but I just don't know how long I can keep drawing.

I apoligize for well, everyhting I guess.
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Ryu Satawa
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
My name is Ryu Satawa. But just call me Ryu! I'm a 15 year old girl living in the Moscow, I write and draw when I'm bored and troubled with things. I'm very shy around people. I can be social but sometimes I just can't speak. Umm I-i don't have a lot more to say... Just Comment, and Fave when you have the chance!

I run an RP group called JAKE-Agency, i've just started out I'm hoping to get some admins and some points to turn my group into a super group. As well as trying to figure out how I can do the avatar any offer yo donate, help etc please notify me.

Eye Color:Grayish-Blue
Hair Color: Fire Red (Originally black)
Age: 15
Height: About Edward Elric's Size (I'm super short for my age)
Weight: NO!!


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