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Luniz iz where itz at

Had to resubmit, last one was too big in size to view properly.

The original pic is from the Luniz's first cd. I drew this a long time ago back in highschool when the first came out, no tracing of course.....never that! I used color pencils for colors.

comments will be mooost appreciated!
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man, I can't believe someone else doodle this in high school as well. :)

Here's mine...[link]
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Ya ya got to love the ass kickin gangsta condom, sex and ass whoopin go hand in hand! I saw yours its dope, i like the hands and guns...the gold tooth was a dope touch also.
The-Glass-Jaw-Boxer's avatar
I also redrew the original one for a friend back in high school, he got it tattooed on his right arm.
It was pretty cool thing to do back then, I wonder how he explained it to his kids now. ;D
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lol prolly told them it was a really big finger cut off of a rubber glove lol...j/k!
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wikid! :D

u got them colours sweet too.
the gat chrome is cool.
and all the way back in high school aye? ;)

gw :w00t:
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hell yes
i remeber bein in jr. high sketchin this guy all day
luniz were the shit
nice peice
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heh that looks fresh
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Nice sketch skills, here. Not sure what this is (or I might know what it is, but afraid to type it here...*lol*), but it's damn wicked.
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