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It's kind of late, but....
Happy New Year ^_________^
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Awww. Great pose... Looks so warm
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Thank you! I like that pose.
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It's GENIUS ;) you're welcome
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Love this drawing. I believe if theg play there cards right for once on Tekken? She could save Jin. Idk? She always been there ever since the beginning for him so far. Why stop after all these years?
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Love this couple
RYOxKJ's avatar
I love, too. Thanks!
NinteRarewSegaFan123's avatar
This is beautiful! Meow :3 
Chosodate9Fullbuster's avatar
Jin and Ling... I never think about it, but your draws make me think they're a good couple ;).
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WAA, I'm gushing!! This is so cute!!!
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내 ㄴㅈㄷㄷㅅ! :)
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omg they look so romantic together T^T
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That's mighty cute.
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where are you touching jin????
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I love it ç////////ç Jin and Xiaoyu is one of my favorie couple in tekken <3 Awesome job **
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it's awesome :) won't u draw Jin with Jun ?

I can't Imagine Jin Kazama doing that to Xaioyu XD
but Xaioyu like refrigerator @_@"
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i wouldn't want to do tht cuz there son and mother
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