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One morning.............

Sorry, for my long silence;;;;
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Kazuya: Where the hell is the sports section?!  Oh thank god, here it is.

Sports article: Tiger Woods has got the ball in the hole in under 5

Kazuya: Fuck
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I can tell Kazuya is holding back so much xD 
ArtNinj1224's avatar
he wants it Meow :3 :D (Big Grin) 
DragonWarrior-H's avatar
Cool, i hope you make more of Kazuya X Jun
RYOxKJ's avatar
Oh~ the Beautiful Kaz x Jun~
Thank you for a comment :D
Chosodate9Fullbuster's avatar
Hahahaha, Kazuya-san's shy!
Nice draw. Love Jun in shirt <3.
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AnAngelicDay's avatar
oh come one kazuya we all know that you like seeing jun in that outfit lol
ImmediateLight's avatar
Jun: Goooooood morning!

Kazuya: <///< Please, wear something else...
MishimaLars's avatar
XD poor kaz cant resist it
MoonWalker24's avatar
She got him hehehe
sp600uz's avatar
this is so darn funny...
LunarSpawnSerenata's avatar
Was this the night that...

Kenny: O.O...

Bloo: O.O...

They had sex??? o.o
GAngelAkatsuki94's avatar
Never knew Kazuya was such a shy bastard.
edgejr's avatar
love the simplicity behind this :D awsome escene XD
kazmishfan's avatar
i love them!!!!
jinasujun84's avatar
nice drawing!
i love this pairing!
fiomama's avatar
Kazuya is so cuuuuute!:heart:
kawaii-chibi-kotou's avatar
Haha! Is he blushing too?! xD
AppleDumpling's avatar
Aaaah!! Too much! I love them for reasons I don't understand. >_<
JinKazamasLady's avatar
:) Very nice .
But why Kaz is balck clouds over his head ? He had a bad morning ? :lol:

I love this pair :heart:

KazxJun , LarsxAlisa :heart:
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